Whats The Difference Between Free Host And Paid Host

difference between paid and free host explained
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On This wonderful Post, i am going to be talking a little about Hosting! The main reason i am making this post is because i discovered some Newbie bloggers still get confused when asked the Difference between a Free host and Paid Host! On this article, you will get a clear understanding of what it means to be on a free hosting service and a Paid Hosting service!

What Is A Host?

If you want to build a house, you can’t build it on the air.
Likewise blogging, if you want to build a blog then you need a host.
A host serves as your land to build house, while your blog is the house you are building.
Now there are two types of host: Paid Host And Free Host
Free Host – There are web companies or hosting companies that gives you free space to host your blog with them. They give you bandwidth and disk space to store your web pages.
A free host offers limited opportunity, they don’t give you opportunity to access their full features. Free hosts are mainly for practice, and people that are just playing with blogging.
Though they are good free host like google blog. Google blogger is the only free host that allows you to monetize your blog unlike free host like wordpress and others
Features in google blogger is limited, they don’t give you all you need to give the best experience to your users. Free hosts don’t allow the use of plugins.
Knowing about a free host isn’t enough still, in order to help you fully comprehend the Difference between a Free host and Paid Host, i will further explain all i understand about Paid Hosting Below!
Paid Host: Like the name sounds, they are host that you pay. Out there in the market are hosting companies who offer services, all you need it to pay them and get a space to store your web pages.
Paid host gives your space to store your web pages according to your hosting plan. They are various hosting plan available. I talked about them later in this article.
They are many hosting companies in the market today. I recommend Namecheap, they are the best so far. Their hosting plans are cheap and they render quality service.
If you really want to build a standard blog, i recommend paid host. They will help you get the best you want.
This article is focused in How to build a blog in 2019! I brought out this section of that content that Focuses on “Difference between paid and free hosting” because i know it could be of great importance to someone Out there!
Well, there are a lot of other beautifully written articles on this blog, you can see them below this! Kindly feel free to read from any of them that interests you and use the contact form on contact page if you ever have a question for us!


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