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What Are The Opportunities for Africans in the UAE?

Opportunities in UAE

So i am visiting the UAE small and someone on The Beverage Room messaged me, asking what opportunities are available for Nigerians/Africans in the UAE/Dubai and I promised to reply but I decided to do a general one(Maybe I will write a longer blogpost sef). I am not an expert yet but from my little experience so far.

1. Business: Business is the easiest opportunity here and a lot of Nigerians/Africans I have met are doing business in Dubai/UAE. The most common businesses are: Exporting goods back to their home countries. There are amazing deals on laptops, Phones and a lot of electronic devices here so if that’s a line you are interested in and you know how to find a good deal, that’s very available. Other businesses are Visa processing, Money changing, etc.

2. Skill based jobs: My self and 3 other guys paid 2100( 210 Dirhams) to a barber to cut our hair last week. It was expensive by even Dubai prices but if you are really good, there is an opportunity for this sort of skill. Yesterday, I met a Nigerian student that also sews and is making a lot of money from her sewing. Lots of opportunity if you are strategic.


3. Gold: There is lots of opportunity here but I am still evaluating the market but I have people that swear by it.

3. Work: Nigerians/Africans are at the end of the ladder where Work is concerned. We get the shittiest jobs here, Nigerians and Cameroonians most especially. If a 30000 Dirhams(N3 million) is available for a job here, they will probably offer it to a Nigerian for 5000 Dirhams(N500,000). The advantage you can have as a Nigerian/African is if you speak Arabic or French. These languages position you for amazing opportunities, especially for example in the communications/digital marketing world where I am positioned in.

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4. Investors: If you are a Nigerian with 3 to 5 million to spare, you can easily get an investor license. An investor license allows you to get an Investor Visa of 5 to 10 years and then you can do any business you want. It also allows you to process short and long term visas for people as they expect you to need workers.


5. Students: There are a lot of Nigerian/African students here. School fees is on the average N10m for a 4 year course and about the same for an Msc as well. Different schools have campuses here so if you cant get an American or British visa its a great opportunity.

6. Informal Jobs: Masseuses, pay for sex workers, etc. Quite a number of jobs fall under this. Its a very big business in UAE. On the average, an erotic masseuse that will come to your house will cost you 350 to 500 Dirham for an hour. Its an industry dominated by Asians, some European countries and Africans. I have met at least 20 Africans in this field and they say its a lucrative job and that almost everyone has a price. Some of them combine it with other jobs while others do it exclusively. There are also opportunities for security guards, cleaners, etc.

7. Holiday/Tourism: This is one of the biggest revenue earner for the UAE so they take it seriously. If you can find a value addition around it, its a great opportunity.

8. Cost of Living: Someone asked me about cost of living as well. Dubai is very expensive but there are less expensive cities to be honest. Sharjah and Ajman are cities with a lot of Nigerians because rent and general cost of living is lesser than in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Average rent in a good place in Dubai(1 fully serviced room with shared living room and kitchen) is about N300,000 to N600,000 monthly. There are also other opportunities for room sharing, etc.

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9. Health: You can be deported for having Malaria in the UAE. Its a big deal so if you are prone to Malaria like me, come with your malaria drugs.

10. Visa: Your visa status is the most important thing for any nationality. Apart from Emiratis or special status visas, Visas are usually tied to work or investment. For work, your employer controls everything related to your visa. If you lose your job, that’s the end of your Visa and you need to leave till you get a tourist visa. There are different available visas from 1 week to 3months for tourists, etc.

This is all I remember for now, if I remember anything else I will update this post or do a new one.

If you have an opportunity you want to explore here or something you want to buy or process or book and you are willing to pay my modest fees, I am available to be used to your satisfaction. Please I am not doing anything for free, thanks.

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