Top 7 Jobs In Dubai For Foreigners

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On today’s Edition, you’re going to be learning about  a number of Jobs in Dubai that are Available for Foreigners. So we call it top 7 Jobs in Dubai for foreigners. This is going to be an eye opener for you if you have been looking for a way to earn an income with the little things you are capable of doing

Why Jobs In Dubai For Foreigners

Because these are Jobs that no UAE Citizen will ever accept which means unless a foreigner takes them up, they remain unattended.

List Of Jobs In Dubai For Foreigners

1. Waiter/Waitress

Dubai is a city of Restaurants, having lived here for a couple of years now, i can tell there is at least 2 Restaurants in every street and what this means is there is need for someone to cook, serve and attend to customers who come to eat in such places.

In Dubai, a waiter is employed to attend to customers, ensure they get what ever it is they need that is offered in the restaurant.

How Much Does A Waiter Earn In Dubai?

As a Waiter working and living in Dubai, you are certainly going to earn well. What determines how well you earn is that kind of contract you have with the management you work for.

The least i have ever seen a Waiter earn in Dubai is 1500Dhs. This of course is for a Restaurant that offers 2 Square meals, accommodation and Medical Insurance

However, i also know of a Waiter that is paid 2000Dhs in a Restaurant where he has to live in his own accomodation, makes his own meal as well as treats himself whenever he is sick.

2. Cleaner

As a cleaner, you are certainly going to get a job in anywhere humans dwell. This could be a Hotel, Residential Building, Restaurant, Government Offices, Metro station, Airport, Environmental Agencies, Cleaning Companies, etc.

Cleaners are always needed because they are the ones that ensure the environment is serene and shiny. Dubai is a city where neatness is a must for everyone.

I remember one time. Dubai Municipality had to fine a nearby restaurant because the kitchen was so dirty! Based on this fines, no company wants to operate in an untidy area so cleaners are very important in Dubai

How much Does a Cleaner Earn In Dubai?

For a start, your salary could be as high as 1000 – 1800 Dhs.

You will earn 1000 – 1200 Dhs if accommodation is provided by the company, some company also provide food as well as grant you medical insurance since health is always Wealth

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3. Kitchen Assistant

Kitchen Assistant is another one of the top 7 jobs in dubai for foreigners. Like i wrote above, Dubai is a city with numerous Restaurants and Eateries. This means there is need for kitchen personnel who makes food and ensure everything in the kitchen is well managed

How Much Does Kitchen Assistant Earn In Dubai?

Depending on Your experience, an average Kitchen assistant earns up to 2000Dhs in Dubai. This of course depends on your experience and your negotiation with the employer. However, other employers could offer more.

Truth is, there will always be a difference between company A’s pay scale and that of Company B

4. Drivers

Drivers are the next set of people whose services are always in great demand as far as Dibai is concerned. This is because Aside from being a tourist destination, Dubai remains one of the busiest cities in the world, thus, the need for movers is on the increase.

Drivers are needed in companies, Construction Firms, etc. So if you’re a driver, you’re eligible for one of the top 7 Jobs in Dubai for foreigners

How Much Does A Driver Earn In Dubai?

For a start, you may earn up to 2500Dhs monthly but then, as time goes on, your salary would be increased. But this would only depend on the agreement between you and your employer/Company!

A Driver in construction firm, Government Establishment earns more than 2500Dhs, so i guess the institution where you are employed also determines to a great extent what you get paid at the end of the month

5. Construction Assistant

Because Dubai is still a developing city where real estate business booms, there is need for construction workers/assistants. Their main job is often on Construction sites where they are charged with several duties ranging from excavation, lifting construction materials, etc

Note: Construction work in Dubai is not an easy one. Unless you are used to construction before going to Dubai, you may not find it easy for the next few months.

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How much Does Construction Assistant Earn In Dubai?

As a laborer, you may earn as low as 1100Dhs if accommodation is provided for you.

Truth is Dubai law provides that all construction companies has a lodge for staffs. This does not mean you die a 1000Dhs earner, there is and will always be room for growth where ever you find yourself. So while you work, avail yourself to other opportunities within your place of work.

You could be promoted from laborer to Foreman if you are willing and able to learn what is being done on site!

6. Security Guards

Another top 7 job in Dubai for foreigners is Security Job. Just like Drivers, security personnel are always needed to secure buildings, construction sites, hotels, businesses, etc.

One thing that may discourage foreigners in Dubai is the high cost of getting security Jobs which could be as high as 4500 – 5000Dhs.

How Much Does Security Guards Earn in Dubai?

On the average, the lowest i have seen a security guard earn in Dubai is 1700Dhs per month but with this arrangement, accommodation and feeding were a part of the agreement.

7. Dispatch Rider

Dispatch Rider are needed in Dubai. The role of Dispatch riders in Dubai society cannot be over emphasized. They keep services running as well as takes other necessities closer to where they are needed. Dispatch Riding is another great Job that earns foreigners a lot of money in Dubai.

There is a colleague i know that rides for 2 companies which means he has 2 sources of income.

For a typical Dispatch rider, you may be charged with delivering Processed Food to Clients, packages, Groceries, etc.

How Much Does Dispatch Rider Earn In Dubai?

Dispatch riders are often required to have their own Driver’s license as well as be on their personal Visa. Having these would help you earn at least 2200Dhs Monthly.

Another thing that will make your earning higher is if the company does not have accommodation for you. This means you can ask them to add more cash to your pay since you will also be paying for accommodation. Having Dubai experience is also an added advantage.


Whatever is written here as a salary is only an average and based on what people working in companies i worked for are paid on monthly basis!

Also note that your company may be more generous

Your company may have a payment policy that is different from that of my company

The amount mentioned as salary does not include Over time (OT) which is always calculated and added to whatever your agreed basic salary is.

This is all i have on top 7 jobs in Dubai for Foreigners



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