Top 5 Skills to Learn During Your NYSC

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Up until the time you go for the mandatory one-year service to the country, you have your life and key next steps figured out. From primary school, you know secondary school is next, after that, tertiary institution, and then the mandatory service year; this is the reality of a larger percentage of people, in Nigeria. But i encourage you to  chose from this list of Top 5 Skills to Learn During Your NYSC as doing so will help you prepare for the days ahead!

During service year that commences with a three weeks camping exercise, you will be told of the harsh realities of life, post-service year. You will be taught entrepreneurship and the need to develop a skill that can help you generate income during service year and after. Service year is that one year of your life you cannot afford to throw away, for most young people, it is the year your parents and benefactors wean you of constant pocket money; it is the year you get always lost in thoughts, wondering what next?

While we understand the employment situation in the country, I’ll not discourage you from having hopes of getting gainfully employed. However, learning skills that can make you a successful entrepreneur is essential; this leads to the big question, “what skill do I learn?”

You do not need to stay up all night wondering, I’ve compiled a list of top five skills to learn; this is based on how lucrative these skills are, the cost of starting up and the demand for these skills.

Top 5 Skills to Learn During Your NYSC

In no particular order:, i am going to list these skills you can grab as soon as you are posted to your place of primary assignment today!

Bead Making

In our world today, a lot of people, young people particularly, are embracing fashion that tells the African story. Three out of every five young Nigerian has a beaded accessory; this could be simple bracelets, anklets, neckpieces, earrings, waist beads, hairpieces, etc.

During service year, you will get access to learn from professional bead makers who will charge you a lot less as a corps member than they usually charge for tuition. The cost of starting up as a beading technician is less than twenty thousand naira (N20,000), you do not need a shop space to start up, your room, materials, and skill is all you need to start selling.

Soap Making

Every single person in the world uses soap. You can tap into this value chain and create something different and better than all the conventional soaps we know now. This skill requires a very low cost to start up, and little time to learn.

You can decide to carve a niche in liquid soap production, laundry bar soap, body washes, scrubs, and shampoo. With proper branding and advert to your target audience, you will be surprised at how much money you will end up making at the end of each month, all from a skill that will cost you less than ten thousand Naira (N10,000) to learn and start up on a small scale.

Shoe Making

Everybody wears shoes! There will always be a market for you if you make shoes. In recent times, handmade shoes have gained more acceptance for their unique looks and durability. This skill takes you between three months and six months to learn, learning as a regular member of society will cost you a lot more, than learning from an NYSC certified trainers, as a corps member.

If you are naturally a creative person that always imagines beautiful creations of fashion items, you can channel your creativity into shoe making, and watch yourself rise to prominence with the right amount of hard work, dedication, and creativity.

Starting up a shoe making business will cost you approximately a hundred thousand Naira (N100,000), assuming you want to work from home. Don’t stop reading yet. There is a way around this cost; as a start-up, you do not need to get all the equipment at once. You can make use of equipment in established shoe making shops for a price; this is a small price to pay for the bigger dream.

Fashion Design

Growing up, tailors were these people who made us cheap alternatives for the trendier ready-to-wear designer brands. Today, tables have turned, fashion designers are raking in millions making clothes, and this trend wouldn’t be ending anytime soon. Custom made dresses are becoming the first choice for a lot of people, and in as much as you can create beautiful clothing in good time, people will patronize you.

Learning how to make clothes will take you between eight months and a year. You will always have time to improve on your craft. Think about it for a moment, what one year will be better to learn this skill than the almighty service year?

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about this skill is you will also get to make clothes for yourself, and save money you would have used in buying them. What’s more? You only need a tailoring machine to start working as you do not necessarily need a shop space to start working. Do not forget, we are still talking about Top 5 Skills to Learn During Your NYSC

IT Skills

Ever heard, “Tech is the new oil”? that statement is true in every form. Information technology is an oil field, and you can tap in now. A lot of people do not have an interest in IT. If you have a natural inclination to working with systems by coding, graphic designing, software and app creation, or hardware repairs, you should harness that innate skill and make money offering it to people who need it.

Learning this skill could cost you just a few thousands for masterclasses. You can use YouTube and other online platforms to learn on your personal computer. You can even work as a freelancer IT expert or become highly sort after by different organizations. A little secret, “you need only a personal computer and good internet connection to start working!”


Truth remains no skill you grab during your service year is a waste, so aside the skills listed here, you can find other skills that interests you, specially those that are available where you serve, enroll and learn. Do not forget that even though i have written about Top 5 Skills to Learn During Your NYSC, there are several other ways to earn big during and after your service year!

Well, these are Top 5 Skills to Learn During Your NYSC, i know there are several other skills out there, but these are the most interesting ones and i know these ones will fetch you money wherever you find yourself after your service year. So i wish you a very successful service year my friends!

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