Top 22 Adobe Software – Updated List 2019

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So today on, i am going to discuss Top 22 Adobe Software And a few things you can use them for. Just read on because i am sure some of the software i am going to mention here will sound new to you.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is one of the top 22 adobe software that gives you as a subscriber access to a great number of software that can be used in graphic design, edit videos, web development. Adobe Creative Cloud also allows you access to optional cloud services

Adobe Photoshop

Well, there is hardly anyone that hasn’t come across photoshop in the world today. Adobe Photoshop is another of the top 22 software from the stables of Adobe that has really come to stay in the world today. Adobe photoshop is used in graphic design. I know of a very creative Nigerian that has made a lot of money with this software you know. So if you are admiring one beautiful photo of a product, just know photoshop may have played a part in the process that made that beautiful photo.

Adobe Lightroom

This is another powerful adobe software that is here to make the work place a better place especially of you are a work man whose main job is picture editing.

Adobe lightroom is used to edit a large number of digital images. It is often said that images edited with Adobe lightroom are non-destructible

Adobe Illustrator

What is a post about to 22 Adobe software without talking about Adobe Illustrator? Adobe Illustrator is a very useful software, especially for those that does vector graphics editing. Adobe Illustrator also comes with a Creative Cloud alomg with other features you will find useful as you work.

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Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign has a lot of advanced function for those whose job is desktop publishing. InDesign is a Typesetting software application produced by Adobe and can be used to create works such as posters, brochures, newspapers and magazines. It is also great for Presentation, eBooks, books, name it. It is no doubt another of the top 22 adobe software out here today.

Adobe XD

I really had no idea what this software does till i watched a friend put it to a very good use. Adobe XD is another beautiful software by Adobe Systems, used as a user experience design software application for vector design and website wireframing. Adobe XD also supports the creation of beautiful and interactive Click-Through prototypes.

You can see more about Adobe XD Here

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is one yet to be discovered beautiful software that enables you create and share online videos anywhere. Adobe Premiere Rush is described as the best Video Editing app made specially for Youtubers. Adobe Premiere Rush makes video editing simple, simplifies the processes involved in audio mixing and more

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Adobe After Effects

You love Digital effects, Motion graphics and more? have you ever heard of Adobe’s After Effects? Ok, i forgive you. Get this software cos its one of the top 22 adobe software you would never know about if you weren’t on this page. It helps you in Post-production process if you’re a film maker or into television production. It is also great in animation as well.

Adobe Premiere Pro

If you edit videos, you surely need an Adobe creative cloud software such as Adobe Premiere Pro. Get to know more about this beautiful Adobe software when you click here

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