Secrets Of Computer Based IELTS Test

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Hello again, today on this page you are going to know a few secrets of computer based IELTS test. This however is not meant to discourage you from taking any of the tests that’s suitable for you rather, you’ll know what’s obtainable so as to chose between a computer based IELTS test or paper IELTS test

The secrets of computer based IELTS test will be exposed in form of question and answer!

So someone asked;


What’s the Difference Between Computer and Paper Based IELTS test?


Answer: Truth remains there is no difference between both tests. The only slight difference is that while answers are written on an answer sheet during a paper based IELTS test, candidates are required to type their answers on the screen of a computer


Will Candidates for IELTS Computer Based Test get Preferential Treatment?


Not at all. The marking system for IELTS test
remains the same regardless of the mode of test a candidate opts for. A candidate sitting for a paper based IELTS test will get the same score for correctly answering a questions just like his counterpart who answered using a computer.

Note: The only difference between both tests is that during a listening test, candidates sitting for a paper based IELTS tests are allowed 10 minutes to enable them transfer their answers to the provided answer sheets whereas candidates sitting for a computer based IELTS test don’t get such luxury since they enter their answers directly and are allowed only 2 minutes to check their answers.

For the other 3 sections of IELTS test, timing remains the same.


What is the purpose of Computer Based IELTS test?


Because of the current growth in the number of PC users, British council saw the need to make a few adjustments in order to make it easy for candidates who are accustomed to typing rather than writing take the test with ease.

This means you may not opt for a computer based IELTS test if your use of computer is poor or you’re slow to typing.


Benefits of Computer based IELTS Test


1. It’s quite easy to write or type your answers if you’re very good at typing

2. The hall is often less crowded

3. You’ll have your IELTS result within shorter time unlike the paper based test that churns out result only after about 2 weeks

4. The computer screens are wide enough to enable to enhance the legibility of words.


Is Computer based IELTS Test Difficult?


One of the reasons why candidates search for secrets of Computer Based IELTS test is to know how difficult it is before they commit their cash

1. It’s not really difficult but that’s only if you are good at typing very fast.

2. You may get angry when the screen locks you off as soon as the stipulated time elapses.

3. You may not know when the screen will lock on you since you’re not able to count seconds during the last 1 minute

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In general, Its recommended that you take some time to practice Computer based test. You can find computer based IELTS test practice materials on IDP website

If you do not know how to use a computer (which I think is awkward in this era), or not so confident with your typing skills, then stick to the paper based IELTS test

Don’t forget to always keep a date with us as we promise to release more interesting tips that’ll help you score band 7 or 8 in your IELTS test

These are a few secrets of Computer Based IELTS test, we will reveal more as time goes