Problems Of Education In Nigeria

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I am a Nigerian, i was born, raised and schooled in Nigeria, i currently live in Nigeria and this is over 3 decades of my existence in Nigeria. On this article, i am going to throw some little light on the very many problem of Education in Nigeria my country. Will be writing this based on things i personally saw while schooling and statements made by fellow Nigerians concerning Education in Nigeria!

Firstly, i would love to talk about Problem

Definition Of Problem

According to, a problem is best described as a matter, situation regarded as unwelcomed or harmful, such that requires to be given proper attention or treated in order to prevent its effects from growing!

Having Defined Problem as simple as possible, i would like to proceed with the subject matter “Problems Of Education in Nigeria”


Problems Of Education In Nigeria

The problems of education in Nigeria are quite much, but the author would like to throw just a little light on those that truly matters

It must be stated however that there are several facets of the problems of education in Nigeria.


The Perception of the Profession


One of the problems of education in Nigeria is the perception of the teaching profession. Teachers should not see the teaching profession as just a means of earning a living and nothing more. Majority of Teachers in Nigeria actually see their teaching job as one of the hardest Profession in the world but they forget just one thing – That is it one of the best professions in the world as a you are automatically a leader, leading these young ones towards a better future.

As a teacher your roles includes providing support for the success of your student, you totally become a resource provider, an Instructional specialist, a learning facilitator, Classroom Supporter, a catalyst for change, someone a student could walk up to for direction, you are a second parent when the parents are too far with their work place too!

Teachers should understand that their role is to probably mold the society through their efforts in the classroom!

Being a Teacher affords you the opportunity to prepare these kids for the future, preparing them for the highly competitive global market


Poor Pay –  Low Motivation


The salary of the average Nigerian Teacher is usually low, this equally means Low Motivation and being humans as we are, a man is usually not happy when he/she is not properly motivated for the little inputs he makes. Yes, we have great teachers too, we have those that are willing to give it all for these younger generation put under their care. But at the end of the day, what is the Motivation like? This is another Problem of Education In Nigeria

The salary of the average Nigerian Teacher is nothing to write home about! In Nigerian Society, a teacher is known to be a very low income earner. His earnings is hardly enough to provide  all his basic needs in the current economy and this means there is always something bothering the son of man.

Personally, i feel there is only a little a worried man could do to help another since his heart is often not in one place.

Therefore, i suggest teachers should be well motivated, their welfare package should be reviewed such that would afford them extra comfort as the leaders they are


Teacher Recruitment Methodology


Recruitment Methodology is another big problem of education in Nigeria. There is hardly a good recruitment process in Nigeria. This is why we have too many unqualified teachers handling the classrooms while the qualified ones are out there doing something totally different from their passion.

Do you know there are private schools where teachers are employed for the sole reason that their father knows the school owner (proprietor)? is this right? what about that qualified teacher out in the society selling in the market all because her father does not know any school owner?

Now the effect of bad Teacher recruitment methodology is that it engages the unqualified teachers in the forefront of leadership. When a wrong map reader reads a map to the promised land, what is the outcome? either her followers spends too much time looking for the place or they miss the location in totality!

There should be a credible teacher recruitment methodology in Nigeria


Poor Supervision (Internal and External)


Within the school management, there are those called Principal Educational Supervisor (PES). This supervisor is charged with ensuring the right materials are used by teachers, that the teacher is doing the right job which may include teaching the right lessons to these kids.

But do we see PES in schools of nowadays? Even when they make these recommendations, is the school management willing to listen?

On the other hand, Educational officers from the higher offices of the state should also be allowed to do their job of supervision. They should be taught how to reject bribes when they encounter one as this is the only way through which quality education can be guaranteed in out society!




Sometimes the necessary infrastructures that enhance learning are lacking or insufficient in most cases. In Nigeria there was this kid that Trended on Social media. Her name is Success! This kid really exposed a lot of things that have been happening in her place of education.

It was because of this kid that the state government got to learn about the dilapidated state of schools in Sapele, Delta State.

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Aside from good and well furnished classrooms, student learning environment should be free from all form of distractions too.

Infrastructures such as Chemistry Laboratory, Physics and Biology Laboratories should be available and functional along with all required apparatus. What about the Basic science labs, Basic –  Technology labs, Home management as well as Art Auditoriums.

Did i forget to mention extra curricular facilities like football pitches, basket ball, etc

Staff quarters should also be made available in Public schools. They should be well furnished to provide some comfort for teachers who use them as well.


Educational Policies


This is another aspect that has really brought so much pain to the Educational Sector of Nigeria. Do you know some state governments still owe teachers for the past 8 months now? How do you expect such group of teachers to function well, to inculcate knowledge without grumbling?

Truth is, there is need to end all form of politics when it comes to Education and of there must be politics, teachers should be allowed to be at the upper echelons in policy making!

How would a person who has never made a child understand what “A is for apple” means sit in one air conditioned office to make policies? Will such Policy work?

>> We let the failures from UTME get into education courses. They are people who didn’t even want to be teachers, because nobody wants to be a poor teacher in the first place anyways. So we end up with “qualified” by certificate but deficient by content and motivation teachers.

>>If you pay teachers as well as doctors and other professionals some of our best brains will apply for admission to train as teachers. You now get teachers with content and not rejects. And they’d live decently from good pay. And the perception of the profession will change. They can give their best.

>>There is no reason our kids should be sitting on floors to learn. It is an abomination




Having written a lot of problem of education in Nigeria, i would like to conclude by saying that it is because of the poor policy making, lack of proper motivation that educational sector of Nigeria is what it is today! However, i must not fail to add that there is also a high rate of vandalization of school properties in some areas.

aside that, i feel teachers should be well paid as there cannot be a better way of motivating these priceless humans than this.

In the area of Infrastructure, the lacking ones should be provided for education process to be complete.

Note: These are the problems of Education In Nigeria. Please i am open to criticism and correction as i believe its is one key to improvement


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