Living Abroad: Mr Newton Shares His Experience in Dubai

Gong to Dubai
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My Name is Newton, I’m from Edo state, Nigeria, West Africa.

After what I experienced during my journey to Dubai, I vowed to never allow any Nigerian/African have same experience cos I almost lost my sanity at the onstage.

Follow me, I’ll tell you all about it!

I’m From Auchi, Edo state.

Before my journey to Dubai, I owned a very little Boutique, I was a transporter also but you see, because of the situation of things in Nigeria, I just wanted to Leave Nigeria before I lose my sanity.

It was because of my desire to leave that I ended up making the worst mistake of my life.

While in Nigeria, I really saw how things were, planned to travel to an European country. Moldova was on my mind and so I already paid a Visa Agent some cash to help prepare me for travel Visa.

He was in the process as I’ve already paid a large chunk of cash to enable him start.

On one certain day, a customer walked into my boutique while I was on call to my Travel Agent.

I watched this customer make some funny body movements as my conversation with the agent ensued. At a point I wanted to ask him to leave my shop but then, he started talking.

“Bros, the things I’ve seen in this life, if I begin talk am, you nor go believe” – he said in Pidgin English

“Ah, Bros you know about travelling too?” – I asked

“My dear, na Dubai keep me like this, when I got to Dubai, I realized what a paradise we have in Nigeria”

He narrated all he went through in Dubai and truly, tears dropped from my eyes.

He left the shop

After a few days, my travel Agent called to tell me Moldova link is closed, so he’s making arrangements for another good destination – Dubai.

Based on the fact that a few days ago, a customer narrated all he’s been through in Dubai, I was a bit worried but then, because of the way things are, I asked him proceed.

He got me 2 years Dubai Employment Visa and I was quite happy about it.

After a few days, I finally arrived Dubai. But things began to change shortly after I left Dubai airport.

On getting my Employment Visa, the travel Agent made it clear that its a job where I’ll be paid some 3000Dhs. In Nigeria that’s about N300,000.

I heard the amount, I compared the average salary of the employed persons around me, Including my mother who earned something above N70,000 as a school teacher, so I felt like, its a better option. So I took it.

On getting to where I’m supposed to meet my employer, things changed completely.

I was taken to a Construction Camp. This is where I actually cried for the very first time in Dubai.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, Construction site? Oh my Gosh! But i was told its a better job, like an Office work.

I moved into what they called accommodation and right from there, I knew I’ve arrived a land of suffering.

Aside from the fact that there was just 2 toilet for over 120 workers, the bed was just so tiny, you couldn’t even sleep comfortably.

Another thing that made me know I’ve arrived to a 2nd level of suffering is the Coworkers. Pakistanis who threw spit around like it’s normal here or something.

What Was The Attitude Of The Visa Agent?

He was very rude to me, despite the fact that he gave me a useless Visa and told a bunch of lies to make me leave Nigeria, so long as he was sure i have linked with the company with whose employment Visa i entered Dubai, he never made attempts to know what happened to me afterwards

What Helped Me Cope In Dubai!

While it was easy for me to blend with the Job i was offered In Dubai, this was only possible because i came to Dubai with an employment Visa. Those that came after me with 3 Months Tourist Visa do not enjoy this any longer!

I was encouraged by a few Nigerians who I met in the Camp, they’re Yoruba’s who were really more experienced than I was and so i anchored all my trust on them.

Another thing that helped me is that while working on construction site, I learnt real fast.

Because I was able to learn fast, I was later promoted to a Foreman. I became a skilled tiler.

When I became foreman, things became a little easy, my salary was increased with some 200Dhs.

Challenges I faced In Dubai

When I got to Dubai, I realized I could actually survive even in extreme living conditions.

I contacted some sickness which I spent some 150Dhs treating every month. I’m done treating it anyways.

Another Challenge I faced in Dubai is getting African foodstuffs. Getting African Food meant walking for a very long distance. Sometimes we walk for an hour before we’re able to get some foodstuffs.

In Countries where everything is in order, Salaries are paid at the end of the month. But this gave me a challenge because in my company, we’re paid as the company pleases. This gave me a lot of stress because as an African, you need cash to survive in Dubai.

Now when you work and not paid on time, you become angry at every slight provocation.

My breakthrough in Dubai

I’ve worked for a year and 7 months in Construction so I’ve grown pass a baby, so after this period, I felt I need a change of work place.

I started searching for a job like 4 months before my contract expiry and I succeeded. Thanks to God.

So if you’re intending to leave Nigeria. Ensure you have a solid plan on ground before you leave Nigeria.

Do not feel it’s rosy anywhere outside Nigeria. If you have what you’re doing in Nigeria that fetches you some income in Nigeria, please stay back.

If you must leave Nigeria, do so only on a concrete Arrangement that won’t leave you Stranded.

That’s it.


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