Mistakes Migrants Make Before Leaving Their Home Country

Mistakes Migrants Make Before Leaving Their Home Country
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So we’ve witnessed a lot of Migrants trooping in from all over the world especially from Africa. They walk away from their home country in search for greener pastures or a life better than what they leave behind. On this post, we will be looking at the common mistakes Migrants make before leaving their Home country…

Who is a Migrants?

Migrants is an individual (Human) who move from one country to another in search for a better opportunity.

A better opportunity here may be in the form of a job, a better life, better living condition, etc.

Reasons Why People Migrate From their Home Country

Having conducted a survey with a group of 128 migrants found in Baniyas Square, Deira, i think i’ve come to terms with the fact that people do not just leave their homes and off to another country in search of a better life.

When people decide to leave or migrate from their home country, they often do so in search for something, a kind of need that does not exist in their home country.

Lets look at some of these reasons below:

Back in Benin, we do not have good life. Jobs are little and it takes just the grace of God to be able to secure one for yourself. So i had to gather Myself, everything i had just to be able to secure a travel Visa to Dubai – Jackson, Benin Republic.

Obviously, Mr Jackson had to leave his home country because there is no Job for him

Back In Nigeria, life is terrible, there is no stable power supply, no good roads, my community is located within the riverine part of southern Nigeria and i can tell its all polluted even Fishes don’t survive there anymore –  Ziakede, Nigeria

Another experience that further shows there is a particular reason why people migrate from their home countries

Mistakes Migrants Make before leaving their home country

Migrating to other countries legally isn’t a bad thing, what i see as a wrong thing is the process an individual follows.

Thinking Its All Green On The Other Side

One mistake: One of the mistakes made by migrants of today is thinking its greener on the other side. Look, there is always a problem in every country out there. No country is free from Economic problem. The only thing is while others find it hard managing their economic problems, others do have systems that enable them get out of it without much hurt

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Selling Off All You Have Before The Journey

I once came across a migrant who narrated how she gathered all she had, sold a piece of land which is obviously her inheritance and then invested all the proceeds into her travelling arrangements believing its greener out there.

Before you travel out of your country on a permanent basis, have a 2 way plan. Have a plan such that if where you are going isn’t all rosy as you imagined, you can always return to your home country and continue your life.

Do not stop you little investments back home because you are travelling out to a place where your fate you do not know. Instead, allow your investments be for a while – at least till you’ve started seeing the green signs in the land of your sojourn.

Migrating Illegally

Just recently President Trump Of The US made a move to evacuate all immigrants illegally residing in the US and all hell broke lose! Truth is there are chances of getting yourself in a more risky situation when you migrate illegally.

In order to be free and be welcomed with open hands, ensure you follow all the procedures as stipulated by the Authorities of the country you intend to migrate to.

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Travelling Without Proper Arrangements

Travelling without Proper Arrangements has been identified as one of the Mistakes Migrants Make Before Leaving Their Home Country. This is because there is always a set rule for every every kind of trip you want to make to another country.

Just imagine travelling to Canada with a tourist Visa only to get there and start searching for a job. While this may work in a country like United Arab Emirates, it may not work out in Canada, this makes such arrangements a wrong one and would put migrants in such situation in a very tight corner.

Travelling with proper arrangement means you must travel with the right documents, have a good amount of money that can sustain you when you get to your destination.

Having seen all these, i urge everyone with the intentions to migrate to do so with proper arrangements in place, have it at the back of your mind that there are opportunities in your home country also, opportunities that only comes if you make the right choices. Do not make these Mistakes Migrants Make Before Leaving Their Home Country!








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