Living Within Your Dreams

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About living within your means.

Sometime last year, I was on a video call with one of my friends – who is out of the country, working and earning well – and I had to go out to meet with some other friends.

When I was done prepping, she saw the gown that I was wearing and told me that she’d seen my sister wearing it. I told her that my sister actually gifted me the gown.

I noticed that she wasn’t comfortable with me wearing the gown, but she did not want to tell me that.

I sha told her that I was very comfortable wearing my sister’s clothes and reminded her that I wasn’t earning as much as she did, so there’s no money to splurge on new clothes.

Truth is, from the time we buried our father in July to December last year, I’m not sure I bought any new thing for myself. No new clothes. No new shoes. No new hair. No jewelries. Well, I touched up my room and made it more comfortable for me.

We’d spent a lot on the burial, I wasn’t earning so much and with my father’s death came more responsibilities, more bills.

I had to cut my coat according to my cloth. Cut down on my spending, ruled out some things entirely. The only thing I didn’t touch was my food. I love to eat good food and no matter how broke I am, I’ll never let my freezer run dry.

I saved up for the new year.

When 2019 came, I paid all the bills that were due and still had enough to take care of myself for the 3 month long January.

I’m telling my own story, especially for the young people out there.

Don’t leave a 100k life on a 20k or zero earning.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing one clothing over and over again if that’s all you got or your best, as long as it is neat.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing your elder siblings clothes if they fit and you can’t afford new clothes now.

If you’re working and earning, you should be able to pay your rent when it’s due without borrowing, unless some unexpected things took all your savings.

You don’t have to be part of all your friends asoebi if you can’t afford to pay for it. You should never borrow for things like that. If they can’t understand that you can’t afford it, then they should not be your friends.

You can keep very wealthy friends and still live within your means. If they buy new clothes for every occasion, repeat the ones you have or sit at home.

If your friends are having dinners in very expensive restaurants, let them know you can’t afford it. They either pay for your meal, choose a more affordable restaurant or you go home and eat what you can afford.

In this Abuja, there are places where you get beer for ₦300 or ₦400 per bottle, there are also places where you get a bottle of Coke for ₦1,000 or more. Know which place matches your pocket.

It’s not a crime if you don’t have the best human hairs, the latest iPhone or all the makeup in the world, if you can’t afford them.

Cultivate the habit of not borrowing unless it is absolutely necessary.

Nobody will punish you if you don’t live the baby girl life now.

Hustle all you can now, secure the bag, make the money, save up, eat good food and be fit. Trust me, there will come a time in your life when all the things you think are luxury now will be just normal things.

Spend your money if you want to, just be sure you’re living within your means.

As Written by Miss Bibian Chinenye Pius-Urum

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