List Of Items You Can Dropship to United Arab Emirates

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Welcome to another wonderful epistle from Wapdynamo. On this post, I would like to make a list of items you can dropship to United Arab Emirates and make your cool cash without stress.

Why I chose this Topic

I am writing on list if items you can dropshit to United Arab Emirates because I have lived here for a couple of years now, studied the market and the city as well.
United Arab Emirate is a country built on Desert, with this said, it therefore means no crops grow there. Since no crop grows in a desert soil, it therefore means that human life would depend greatly on Imported food products.
As you know, United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular world Tourist attraction, this means a lot of people troop in and out of the country for sight seeing, to have fun, others would settle also.
Since the United Arab Emirates is a tourist city, you’ll also agree with me when I say that a lot of Restaurants businesses exist in the country.
But then one question stands out…
How does Restaurants in United Arab Emirates Get the Food they cook and sell?
Being that there is an increasing number of people going into the city, it therefore means that there is need for food stuffs that would be able to feed those touring the cities and those permanently residing within.
Now since the cities have no farms, no fruits, Vegetables grow so importation is a must.

List Of Items To Dropship in United Arab Emirates

1. Vegetables

There are a lot of restaurants in the UAE, Pakistani, Indian, African, Indo-Chinese, European restaurants all exist. They require vegetables to be able to process food for their customers.
This means it will be best for them to import Vegetables from other countries
Where Does United Arab Emirates Import Most Vegetables From?
As far as I know, there is a major source of vegetable for Residents and Restaurants in the UAE, its China.

List Of Vegetables Imported into United Arab Emirates

Chinese Cabbage
Green Chili
Red Dry Chili

2. Fruits

Fruits doesn’t grow in the United Arab Emirates also. This means there is need to import fruits for direct consumption by residents and industrial uses also.
You may want to argue that its cheaper to import processed fruits, but that does not deny the fact that fruits must be consumed without processing to finished products
Example of Fruits to dropship to United Arab Emirates Includes;
So if you’re looking to build a Drop shipping business in the United Arab Emirates, the above are a list of fruits you can hammer on

3. Livestock Products

Beef, Chicken, Mutton, Fish are all examples of Livestock products you can dropship to United Arab Emirates and make a lot of money!
This is because there is a great demand for these in the Arab world since they can’t grow their own as a result of their desert environment
Well, that’s a list of Items you can Dropship to United Aran Emirates if you’re really good in drop shipping business and would want to expand your reach.
I hope you found this helpful



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