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Internship Roles for International Students In Canada

internship roles for international students

Top Internship Jobs for International Students in Canada

An internship is a great way to get a taste of working in a certain field, but only if you’re at least near your intended career. Internships can give you valuable experience that will be difficult to get anywhere else, and they allow you to take on more responsibility while still being paid. This can help you understand what you’re getting into when you decide to take a full-time job and make a better decision about whether or not it is the right choice for you.

There are also many other benefits that come with internships. For one, they can help you to meet others in your field. This will prove valuable if you decide to move to a new location and need help getting started.


Internship Opportunities for International Students in Canada

Below are the internship opportunities in Canada for International Students

  1. Technology Internship

Students who are studying computer science or IT can use their skills to work for a major corporation or find an internship at a smaller company or startup that is looking for IT support.

  1. Finance and Marketing Internship

Students with marketing degrees can work as interns for large corporations as well as smaller startups and public relations firms.

  1. Banking, Finance and Accounting Internship

Students with finance degrees can find internships at banks, brokerage firms and more. One advantage of finding internships in Canada is that the Canadian market is more stable than that of the United States.

  1. Fashion Industry Internship

Students studying fashion design, marketing or sales can find internships at clothing stores, magazines and more.

  1. Manufacturing Internship
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Students studying manufacturing, mechanical engineering and other technical fields can consider finding an internship at a manufacturing or automotive company.

  1. Engineering Internship

Students with engineering degrees can work as interns at various engineering firms and corporations.

  1. Health Care Internship

Students can find internships at hospitals, clinics and other places in the healthcare industry.

  1. Fashion Industry Internship

Fashion students can find internships in virtually any store or company in the fashion industry, from magazines to clothing stores.

  1. Marketing and Public Relations Internship

Students with degrees in public relations or marketing can find internships at advertising agencies and larger companies.

Benefits of being an intern in Canada

Below are the benefits of being an intern in Canada as an international student.

  1. Interns are paid.

Interns are hired to work on projects of their choice at no cost.

  1. Internships are fun and stimulating

The skills that they learn from working as an intern end up being key components of their careers after they graduate.

  1. Interns can apply for full-time jobs with companies after they graduate

After the internship is completed, the intern is eligible to apply for full-time jobs with companies.

  1. Internships are compatible with the student’s major

Interns are usually learning new skills that are complementary to the major they have chosen.

  1. Internships can lead to full-time positions job after graduating

Many internships lead to full-time positions, particularly for students who have undergraduate degrees in fields where companies are recruiting.

  1. Internships provide work experience

Internships are valuable for both companies and students. Companies can show their current employees that this intern is committed to learning, while interns can acquire the skills to be in demand after graduation.

  1. Interns gain professional networking opportunities
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Applying for jobs in Canada after graduating from college or university is often dependent on having professional experience during your internship. Therefore, gaining professional networking skills is crucial when applying for jobs after graduation.

  1. Students may be eligible for a work-study loan

Students who earn a stipend from their internship can use their earnings to support themselves if they qualify for a work-study loan program.

  1. Interns have the opportunity to learn about Canadian culture

Interns have the opportunity to gain exposure to another culture while also learning about business practices in Canada and how they differ from their home countries.

Where to find internships jobs in Canada as an international student

  1. Simplyhired.ca

With a more complete resource for finding internships in Canada, simplyhired allows students to find an internship that fits with their major and career goals.

  1. Indeed Canada

With a search function that allows students to narrow down their options by subject, geographic location and more, indeed Canada is a comprehensive source for finding internships in Canada.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform for students and alumni. LinkedIn allows students and professionals to connect and be exposed to many more opportunities than they would without the site.

  1. Facebook

Facebook groups allow students to ask specific questions about internships in Canada, such as what companies are the most coveted, which cities provide the best internship opportunities and more.

  1. Meetup.com

With an organized calendar of events that students can attend, meetup is a great way for students to find internships in Canada.


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