IELTS Writing Task 1 Useful Tips

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So lets talk about IELTS writing and make a few tips that will help you land a band or 7 or 8. This however, does not mean you should expect a miracle after reading these tips. These useful tips are freely given with the intention that you will be well informed and fortified before the sitting for IELTS writing Tasks.

IELTS writing: Task 1 Useful tips

One thing you must know about IELTS writing is that there is no trick that could help you archive a high band score rather than learning and knowing the necessary steps to take during the test and that’s what this page will do for you today!

IELTS Writing comprises of 3 tasks and i must say the question you get to answer depends on the kind of test you are writing.

I said the above because there are different types of questions for those taking the IELTS Academic test as well as a different set of question for general test!

so lets look at the necessary tips to help you perform well in IELTS writing Task 1

IELTS Writing: Task 1 Useful tips

1. First of all, i must make you understand that in order to excel in your IELTS writing task 1, you are expected to write over 150 words

2. The total time required to come up with as much words as possible for task 1 is 20 minutes

3. Task 1 is worth just about 33% of the total marks awarded for IELTS writing test

4. If you registered for IELTS because you intend to migrate to Canada, it means you opted for IELTS General training test and as such your task 1 is letter writing. when i wrote a post titled IELTS Practice for everyone, i gave some examples of IELTS letter writing questions.

5. Your IELTS writing score will be great if the objective of your task is achieved, when your writing is coherent and your vocabulary, grammar are accurate.

Aside from these, you could really be wasting your time

6. If you opted for IELTS Academic test, it therefore means you will have to write an analysis based on charts, line graphs, pie chart, map diagram, table, etc. On this page, you are going to find model answers on such topics as time goes… so keep a date with us here dearies!


So these are IELTS writing Task 1 useful tips for you today. Keep a date with the page as we promise bring you more useful tips to enable you perform well in your IELTS writing test


Disclaimer: While the admin has written these tips for you as a candidate, a lot of work must be put in in order to hep you achieve your goals or target score. If you intend to use your score on Canada Immigration, it therefore requires that you must land at least a band score 7 , 8.5 or higher in order to rank high on the pool and with this, you need to work harder to increase your chances of achieving your goals.


In all my dear reader, i wish you good luck in all!