Latest IELTs Speaking Test Tips

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Today I will be talking about IELTS Speaking topics. I chose this topic because I feel its important for every IELTS candidate to be fully aware of what’s coming the moment you get to sit on that chair.

As you know, IELTS speaking Test has 3 sections and as a result the questions for each section differs.

There are topics for;

IELTS Speaking Section 1

IELTS Speaking Section 2

IELTS Speaking Section 3


What’s IELTS Speaking Test Like?

IELTS speaking test is a face to face type of IELTS. It involves an Examiner and a Candidate both in a monitored room

IELTS speaking test lasts between 11 and 14 minutes

The Examiner Has a tape recorder which helps to keep a record of the entire test. Recording is done in order to make it easy to remark a candidates work on request, a kind of reference

Your result is often decided by the examiner

The amount of time spent on each question is usually determined by the Examiner

In order to score high in IELTS Speaking test. You must ensure you’re well prepared.


IELTS Speaking Marking Criteria

In this section, we’ll explain the marking criteria for IELTS Speaking test


1. Fluency & Cohesion – 25%

2. Vocabulary – 25%

3. Grammar – 25%

4. Pronunciation – 25%


Whether you registered for a computer delivered IELTS test or not, you’re surely going to come face to face with an Examiner during the IELTS Speaking test.

Do not forget that regardless of who you learn from, on no account should you memorize ielts model answers. As Model answers are only created to show you options, help you gain meaningful skills to help you perform better, your IELTS Speaking answers must be your words and show your own English Ability.

These are a few tips you have to know about IELTS Speaking Test. I hope you’ll be here to enjoy other meaningful tips as we release more soon!