How To Transfer Money With GTB Transfer Code

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GT Bank transfer code has made it easy for all gtb account holders to maker transfer without visiting the bank.

All you have to do is to dial the code and you follow the prompt to start making your transaction.

Things just get easier for all GT Bank account holders, you longer have to stress your self going to bank. Any type of transfer you want yo do is in that code.

This code has been in existence for years now and a lot of gtb account holders is using it to make any type of transaction or enquiry service. E.g checking of balance, checking of account number, checking of bvn etc.

So as a gtb account holder, you’re entitled to activate this ussd code to enable you carry out some minor transactions without visiting the bank.

This GT Bank transfer code doesn’t select phone, it doesn’t matter the type of mobile phone you’re using. Even if you’re a proud owner of the lasted apple phone or just an owner of Nokia torchlight, you can use this code because it doesn’t require internet connection before you can make your transaction.

Amazing Thing About GT Bank Transfer Code

Not only the transfer code, the ussd code in general has lot of advantages.

1. You don’t need internet connection before you can use this ussd code.

2. You don’t have to visit the bank again to make any transaction or enquiry service, e.g checking of balance, checking of bvn, checking of account number and lot more.

3. It reduces stress and also save time.

I know you can’t wait any longer to start using this awesome code .

Don’t worry keep on reading because am going to share it anytime from now.

Note- you must activate the ussd code before you can start using it. Don’t worry there is no much thing in activating it. You don’t have to visit the bank before activating the code.

How To Activate GTB USSD Code

Before i share this GT bank transfer code I would first of all show you how to activate the code because the transfer won’t work if you haven’t activated it.

You can sleep this level of you have activated your own, but if you haven’t then see how to do it below.

How To Activate GTB USSD Code

1. Start by dialing *737#

2. Choose your preferred debit card

3. Input your 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the debit card

4. Generate a new 5-digit PIN

5. Your number will automatically go LIVE on the FirstBank USSD banking service.

GTB Transfer  Code

The long awaited transfer code *737*1# .

Follow the steps below and  see how to make the transfer

How To Transfer Money With GTB Transfer Code

Transferring money with GTBank transfer code Transferring money with the GTBank transfer code is very simple, you can transfer either from one gtbank account to another gtbank account or from a gtbank account to accounts with other banks in Nigeria as long as your phone is registered with your GTBank account number.

 To transfer money from your gtbank account to other gtbank accounts simply dial this code: *737*1*amount*recipient account number # example: *737*1*2000*10152678916#. You are to use the last 4 digit of your debit card.

How To Transfer From GTB To Another Bank In Nigeria

To transfer from GTBank to other banks in Nigeria dial this code: 

*737*2*amount*recipient account number# example: *737*2*2000*1234512345#, you will also need to use the last 4 digit of your debit card to authenticate this transaction


Now you have gotten this gtb bank transfer code its now left for you to do your transaction .

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