How To Surf The Internet Without Using Your Mobile Data

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When I asked a friend “Do you know you can surf the internet without using your mobile Data?” She said its not possible. She even thought I’ll be using my WiFi or connecting to someone’s Hotspot. Funny thing is you can do this on that neighbor or friend that won’t share internet Hotspot with you too. This is a post on how to surf the internet without having Data balance on your phone!

Well. On this Post, I’m going to Teach you how to surf the internet without using your Mobile Data or Connecting to any Hotspot.

Just Follow me!

How To Surf the Internet Without Mobile Data, WiFi/Hotspot.


1. 2 Android Phones (A and B) (Ensure Device A which could be your neighbor’s device is subscribed to Internet data service

2. Bluetooth Connectivity

Procedures to Surf the Internet without Using Your Mobile Data

=> Switch on Bluetooth on Both Android Devices

=> Pair Device A and B Via Bluetooth

=> Locate Settings on  Device A


=> Locate Network & Internet (If you’re On Android 8.1 Navigate to Bluetooth Tethering


=> Enable Bluetooth Tethering on both devices A


=> Ensure Android device A has Internet Service or connected to a Router/Hotspot

=> Now on android Device A, enable Bluetooth Tethering

=> Select Device A from the list of Available Devices found on Device B Bluetooth

=> Now you’re Connected to the Internet, you’re going to be able to surf the internet without having Mobile Data service switched on your device.

You can Connect 3 Other Devices to phone A and be using all to surf the internet without your own Data!

You can do this to that your neighbor that refused to share his hotspot login parameters and i can assure you so long as his internet connection is on, you will be able to surf without having to turn on your mobile data!

It currently works for Android Devices with Android 8.1 and Above!

Well, I just taught you how to surf the internet without using your Mobile Data.

I hope you can share with others as well!



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