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How to Submit University Application Form without Paying Application Fees

how to submit admission form without application fees

It is no longer news that 7 out of every African/Asian has the interest to study abroad and from this 7 people, 3 may be discouraged when faced with Application fees often demanded from Potential international students by Canada’s institutions of higher learning. Well, i was discouraged when i tried to apply about 2 years ago. But you see, i had it waived for me and this is why we are making this post to show you how to Submit your Admission forms without paying Application fees.

Truth is there are only a few Universities, Colleges willing to accept your application forms without first taking the application fees from your pockets. Sad right? Just hang on, we will show you a way around this fees!

Best Way to Submit Application form without paying Application Fees

In this section, we will discuss briefly how you could still submit your forms without paying the application fees and this we always do without charging you a dime.


Call The University

Because Canada is a great study destination for many students around the globe, it is normal to have your web portals flooded with myriads of application forms submitted by both the serious and the unserious. This is one of the many reasons why Application fees were introduced to ensure only the serious and determined candidates are submitting forms to be considered for an admission.

You could have that Application fees waived if you called the university and convince them on why you do not wish to pay the Application fees.

Ensure your reasons are convincing enough and accept a discount if available.

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Please understand that in most cases, the officer in charge might need to consult his or her superiors to get approval for the waiver. Do well to understand and sometimes, priority might be given to students whose courses are quite expensive.

Choose Another University

While your chances of getting admitted might be reduced by a half, it is necessary to understand there are other great Institutions that are more than willing to have you onboard without charging you some application fees.

List Of Universities that Does not Charge Application fees

You could choose from any of the universities listed below as they are the very few institutions that do not charge application fees from you as an International

The list includes:

Cambrian College
Quesr University
Tyndale University
University of British Columbia
Royal Roads University
University of Alberta and
Booth University

Choosing from any of these universities might help you submit an application without begging for a waiver.