How To Start A Dry Cleaning Businsss In Nigeria

how to start dry cleaning machine
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As a Young Nigerian Graduate, I’m tired of Submitting my CV to companies that I don’t think will ever hire me. I’m going blunt on this post, so if you’re reading, you’re probably one of the lucky ones. This is a post on Cheapest Business Ideas in Nigeria. This time I’m talking about Dry cleaning Business

Why Cheapest Business Ideas in Nigeria?

I chose this topic because Nigeria is a country where getting a Job has become so tough, those who manage to get a job where they’re underpaid still go to the church to say “Thank You God”, so we all need to have a great business idea that fetch some extra income.
I therefore Introduce you to Dry Cleaning business. Dry Cleaning business is one of the Cheapest Business Ideas in Nigeria right now. It is because for a start you need just a few equipments and you’re ready to go!

What Are the Requirements to Start  Dry Cleaning Business?

In order to much start a dey Cleaning business, you’ll need a few equipments which I’ll mention below. Aside from mentioning these stuffs, you’ll also be learning their importance as far as your dry cleaning business is concerned.
Requirements for Dry Cleaning Business Include:

1. Steady Power Supply

Steady power supply is somewhat a problem in Nigeria right now, but truth be told, there is no way to run a dry cleaning business if you have no source of power supply.

Why Do you need Steady Power Supply?

You need a steady power supply because unlike every other business, one of the reasons why customers will be willing to patronize you is if you’re ready to make their clothes available when they need it.
Customers don’t need to hear “I couldn’t iron your cloth because NEPA didn’t bring light”
Based on this, you’ll be at a greater advantage if you have your own source of Steady power supply and this means getting a Power Generating set.
I suggest Sumec Fireman Generator or a Lister if your pocket can afford it.

2. A strategic Location

Another important requirement is a strategic location. A dry cleaning business is best located where customers wouldn’t need much description or map in order to locate you. For this reason, I suggest you study the area very well before you site your Dry cleaning Business!
You don’t need a hidden place, you also don’t need to be located behind a building or at the back of a House.
Ensure your shop is located at a strategic point within your area such that people will find it easy to bring jobs to you

3. Pressing Iron

This is one item you can’t do without. Who patronizes a dry cleaner that has no pressing iron? I wouldn’t even come close to your door step!
Having a good pressing iron, preferably a steam iron (which will not burn customer clothes) will do you a lot of good!

4. Washing Machine

I’m you understand customers would always patronize you if they know you’ll use a washing machine for their laundry.
In order to be successful, to attract more customers, ensure you have a  functional washing machine in your shop.

5. Man Power

As you kick start your Laundry Business, study it as it grows. A time will come when you’ll discover there are more work than you can handle. At this time, you may need to hire an extra hand.
Hiring an extra hand will lessen the workload for you as well as enable you meet up with schedules.
Don’t be a business man that doesn’t live up to expectation. I wouldn’t want to walk in to pick my clothes only to get a “sorry, we weren’t able to meet up” excuse. Once i get this, I may never come around you again.

6. Washing Materials

These includes Buckets, Line (For hanging clothes), brush, sponges, Laundry Soap, bar soaps, Spray Starch, other necessary detergents.
These are all important as they will make the work easy for you.

7. Shelves

You need shelves in your shop. Having a shelf will make it easy for you to tag clothes after ironing. It’ll also ensure the ironed clothes aren’t rumpled by the time a client comes to pick it up!

8. Hanger, Pegs, Line

No matter what you do, you may still need natural drying for some certain clothes. So having Hangers will bring you a lot of benefits.
You’ll need Pegs to hold the washed clothes from falling off.
A firm line is required to expose the clothes to sunlight

9. Water Supply

Whether you use a washing machine or manual washing, you need water to be able to make washing possible. This require that you have a source of constant water supply. I’m from the southern part of Nigeria where sinking a borehole is very cheap and easy, but incase you are located where doing so is a bit difficult, ensure you have containers that will help you store clean water or water tanker that can supply you water as at when needed.

10. Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t forget, dry cleaning isn’t all about Clothes, sometimes you may encounter customers that needs their rugs washed. This is extra money for you, but how prepared are you for it?
You may therefore need to have a vacuum cleaner in order to make your self ready!

Benefits of Dry Cleaning Business

Looking for the Benefits of owning a Dry Cleaning Business? I’ll list a few below;
1. You can work at your leisure time
2. You can work from home
3. If you’re located in a good spot, you are made for life
4. Its a source of income that does not require much as long as you’re willing to work.
5. You Can keep the business growing and if possible, have other offices around town.
6. Aside from a normal Dry cleaning shop, you may decide to incorporate car wash just beside your shop. This means extra money right?
Truth is that Dry Cleaning Business is very lucrative but this depends on how well you plan it.
This is it on Cheapest Business Ideas in Nigeria and this time, I wrote about Dry cleaning business, its requirements and equipment needed to make it a success, I hope you learnt a lot from it


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