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How To Sponsor My Girlfriend/Boyfriend To Canada

how to sponsor your lover to canada

You want to sponsor your girlfriend or fiancée/fiancé to Canada and you are wondering if it is even possible. The first thing you should ensure is that your relationship with your partner is genuine and you both have been together for a while now.

There is always an argument or conflicting reports about relationships that are not considered common-law relationships. Such relationships for couples who are neither married or are common-law relationships would not be accepted during sponsorship. While this is the case, there is still an option to bring your girlfriend or boyfriend to Canada. One of the couples, however, must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Canada.

How To Sponsor My Girlfriend/Boyfriend To Canada

What are the Options that are Available?

The easiest step is to sponsor your partner to Canada, but you first have to ensure that you qualify to sponsor someone. You should also ensure that your partner is eligible for sponsorship. The age also matters, and you both must be above the age of 18 years to be eligible and also meet other requirements that we have listed below. Before you proceed with that, you should know that you are going to be applying for a temporary resident visa for your partner since you cannot sponsor her/him through the spousal/common-law sponsorship program. So, you will either be applying for a study permit, work permit, or a visitor visa depending on what they intend to do in Canada. For some countries, you may be allowed into the country without you applying for a visa. You will instead need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

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Here are the Requirements to Apply for a Visa

  1.       Applicants must clearly state their intent for coming to Canada,
  2.       You should ensure that your partner is admissible to Canada, this includes not being convicted for a serious crime or having a criminal record or a serious medical issue that could strain the Canadian healthcare;
  3.       Show proof of financial support and in this case, you as the sponsor can step in for your partner and you will have to show that you are able to take care of the person while in Canada.
  4.       Have a valid passport and meet other visa requirements.
  5.       Your girlfriend may be allowed to stay up to six months without having to leave the country, and if there is a need to stay longer, and then it has to be authorized.


NB: If you or your partner does not meet the necessary requirements, the sponsorship will likely not be possible, but then it depends on which requirements are not met. Your girlfriend would have to provide a letter of invitation from the partner who currently resides in Canada.


Perhaps you brought your girlfriend to Canada through a visitor’s visa or any other temporary resident visas and you want them to stay longer than the duration on the visa, the best way to go is to sponsor them to Canada.

Who Is Not Qualified To Be A Sponsor?

  1.       You are not qualified to become a sponsor if:
  2.       You are below 18 years old
  3.       You’re not disabled and yet received social assistance
  4.       You owe immigration loan and have not been able to pay it back, missed a payment, or even made a late payment
  5.       You’ve been convicted for crimes like sexual assault, violent crimes, caused bodily harm, or other offense against a relative or you threatened or attempted to commit such crimes.
  6.       You’re in prison no matter the offense you committed;
  7.       You were sponsored as a spouse common-law partner, or conjugal partner, of which you recently became a permanent resident less than 5 years. You’d have to wait until you have been a permanent resident for less than 5 years.
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If you and your girlfriend have lived together in Canada for more than a year, you will be eligible to sponsor her as a common-law partner. For this, you’d have to provide proof that you have both been together in Canada for 12 months. Through the common-law sponsorship, you will be able to sponsor your girlfriend for permanent residency in the country. As an alternative for her to stay longer, you could apply for an extension.



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