How To Make Money From Propeller Ads 2019

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Hello guys, I’m going to be dropping a new tutorial on how to make money from propeller ads 2019 

Propeller ads is a an ad network that pays online publisher for displaying relevant ads on their blog/website. It works like Google AdSense.

Propeller ads pays very well, you don’t have to worry about their CPC because propeller ad network works like magic. You can make $30 per click, he he

I’m going to explain everything on this post, I’m going to show you all the info you need to know about propeller ad network  and how you can make a lot of money .

Before i proceed in teaching you how to make money from propeller ads 2019 I would first of all tell you more about this awesome ad network called propeller ads.

About Propeller Ad Network

PropellerAds is an AdTech company, providing powerful performance marketing solutions on a global scale. Founded in 2011, the company rapidly became the leading popunder traffic network, and then expanded into the native advertising world, growing into the most high-end Adtech platform.

PropellerAds unites publishers and advertisers through its Self-Serve platform and managed service into a complete marketing ecosystem. The company is now one of the biggest alternative traffic sources with 1Bn+ monthly audience reach and thousands of advertising campaigns launched daily, across desktop and mobile.

Propeller ad network also pays publishers to place ads on their blog/website. They pays you money for displaying relevant ads on your blog/site .

You will earn more money depending or your traffic and clicks.

Propeller Ad Network Legit OR Scam?

Propeller Ad network is not new on  internet, if you are a blogger you supposed have come across propeller ads by any means unless you started blogging recently.

Well propeller ads has been in existence for many years now and they are operating very well without any scam report.

If you want to be a publisher you are free to head to there website and join them now.

Don’t forget that I’m still going to show you how to make money from propeller ads 2019 so all i want from you is to cool down and digest this post.

Is Approval Hard On Propeller Ad Network?

This question is funny though but I’m going to answer it for you.

A lot of people have been blogging for years but getting approval on Google AdSense is one of their biggest problem, due to Google terms and conditions.

But it’s not like that on propeller ad network, all you have to do is to register and verify your blog/site and start monetizing. Hehehe isn’t that awesome? Of course it’s.

Propeller Threshold And Payment Procedures

I think propeller ads is the best alternative because everything about them is good, you don’t have to keep waiting until you reach $100 before you can withdraw your earning on propeller ads. As a new publisher propeller will pay you once you reach $25 on your account.

Google AdSense pays 21st of every month while propeller ads pays every Thursday. How do you see it? I hope you like it?

Now let me show you how to make money from propeller ads 2019 because i know you been waiting for it since…

How To Make Money From Propeller Ad Network 2019

Now you’ve gotten the necessary information you need before you can join this awesome ad network that pays very well, let me go ahead and show you how you can make money from them.

Before I continue in teaching you how to make money from propeller ads 2019  I would like to know if you have a blog/site, because if you don’t there is no how you can make money from them. .

1. Traffic

In any ad network in the world you need traffic to earn, so you need descent amount of traffic to make money from propeller ads. But there is a trick we normally use back then, propeller ads don’t care your traffic source, they like any type traffic.

So what we do is is to buy traffic from other site and it will boost our earning. Hehehe

You could be making $80 daily with this techniques.

2. Ad Click

Even if you receive millions of traffic and you don’t ad click you will still stuck, make sure you place your ads in such a way it will get clicks.

Place it at the header of all the post, at the middle and at the footer.

3. Ad placement

If you sign up with any ad network you should try and learn how to position your ads to get good CTR.

Wrong ad placement can affect your earning like mad..

Best ad position is header/middle/footer

4. Targeting Country

If you really want to make money from propeller ads then try and target country with high CPC, I.e USA, UK, Canada etc. It click you get there will boost your earning.

If you target country like Nigeria, India, Pakistan etc your earning is going to be very low.


Propeller Ads is one ofv the most popular ad network that is focused on maximum fill rate and eCPM rates for publishers and optimal ROI for advertisers.

Their first ad formats also include Pop-unders and Mobile Ads.

Even for those who are generating a small amount of traffic could apply for an account.

Overall, it is the perfect platform for those targeting the general niche, especially when your goal is to generate more revenue.

Now I have shown you how to make money from propeller ads 2019 and what are you still waiting for? Go and sign up and .start making money immediately.


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