How To Get Soccer Prediction Betting Tips

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If you are on this page, then i guess you somehow searched for Soccer Prediction betting tips on google or any of the search engines you are used to. Funny thing is, i am going to write about this topic on this post and i hope you find it helpful.

What Is Soccer Prediction Betting Tips?

It is a list of possible outcomes for a specific game, it is important because it gives you necessary ideas on how to place your bets. Having a great idea on prediction betting tips puts you an edge, it helps you decide whether or not the game is worth staking your money on.

Betting Tips are usually predictions made by punters or experts who may have had one or more experiences about a particular team.

How To Get The Best Soccer Prediction Betting Tips

In order to get soccer prediction betting tips, one thing you must know is where to get it and even when you have a where, you have to understand that these tips are from humans like you and i. They make mistakes too!

These therefore requires that you use your discretion when deciding to which tips to follow

I Will reveal 2 places where you can get Soccer Prediction Tips for the day below!

1. Soccer Punter

Soccerpunter is one of the greatest places where you can find great soccer prediction tips for the day! This is because it is open to over 1oo million punters from around the globe.

In order get the best soccer prediction betting tips from soccerpunter, you have to:

  1. Visit the website,
  2. Allow your mouse to Hover on “Tipster Competition
  3. Click On Tipster Rankings
  4. You will find a list of Tipsters according to their ranking as is on the image below:

soccer prediction betting tips

5. From the page, you should be able to see the highest ranking punters as well as their pending games!

6. Focus on their Pending games for this is where your best soccer prediction betting tips lies. From the image above, the highest ranking tipster is “Erwaku” so follow my next steps

7. Click on The name of the highest ranking Tipster which i have done by clicking on Erwaku’s profile. Now you will be taken to another page where his staked games are recorded!

soccer prediction betting tips

8. Copy his pending games. This may not be all the games he’s staked on but try as much as you can to copy as many as you are comfortable with.

9. Go to your Bookie which may be bet365, Nairabet, Bet9ja, etc and play exact same games you copied from the tipsters.

10. Now wait till the game is plaid and if you are lucky, you will be a winner

2. Statarea

Statarea remains another powerful place to get quality soccer prediction betting tips. This is because the prediction is done by 2 guys: Johan Frayers and Gabriel Fernandes

At statarea, you stand a chance to get reliable betting tips but that is if you visit the page at the right time.

Most soccer predictions on the expat section of Statarea are predicted about 2-3 hours before the game starts, so it might be hard getting a game if you go after this time as most of the predicted games may have started already and thus unavailable for prediction.

To get Soccer betting tips from Statarea, quickly click on Statarea expert section!

Click on any of the experts on the next page and follow his game.

soccer prediction betting tips

Once again, you have to use your discretion as staking irresponsibly could make you lose all you got!

Well, this is all i can say about soccer prediction betting tips, as time goes i will include other interesting topics as far as betting tips is concerned!



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