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How to get Fully funded Canadian Scholarship

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Based on a survey which was carried out by the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE), Canada has been a major destination for international students since 2018, making it one of the most popular studies abroad destinations.

From 2018, there was a massive 154% increase in international students in Canada, this is because the country boasts a good quality of life, friendly people and its tuition fee is competitive. The cost of studying in Canada is quite cheaper for Canadian citizens and permanent residence, international students in Canada pay different and much higher tuition fees than Canadian citizens.

To attract more students, universities and organizations provide and offer scholarships to international students. Scholarships come in two forms, partial and fully funded scholarships. Most international students do ask if it is possible to get a fully-funded scholarship to study in Canada? The answer is yes. Below is how to get a fully funded Canadian scholarship.


How to get a Fully funded Canadian Scholarship

A fully-funded scholarship is basically a scholarship that covers all university-related expenses ranging from tuition fees, accommodation, textbooks and every other educational cost associated with attending university. This type of scholarship ensures that you don’t spend a dime towards your education, if you are offered a fully-funded scholarship, there will be no need to take any student loans.

International students in Canada and prospective international students who intend to study in Canada should be aiming for this type of scholarship. With a fully-funded scholarship to study in Canada, there is no need to worry about monthly payments or trying to curb your lifestyle.

However, securing a fully-funded scholarship in Canada is not easy. It is not that common, they are quite rare and so very competitive. Do not feel discouraged, there are few methods to boost your chances of getting a fully-funded Canadian scholarship. With determination and a good plan, you could be among the lucky set to be awarded a fully-funded scholarship to study in Canada.


Below are a few steps on how to get a fully-funded scholarship to study in Canada.

1. Start Preparing Early 

Note that the majority of the factors that go into evaluation cannot be worked upon at the final stage. A post-graduate student searching for a fully-funded scholarship should ensure that they start preparing from their undergraduate days to achieve a good result. In order to be successful, you are required to be persistent, committed and dedicated, which implies that you have to start early and persistent.

2. Aim for Academic Excellence

You can’t skip this step, if you really want to secure a fully-funded scholarship, you will have to put in a lot of effort to have exceptional grades and test scores. This will boost your chances of securing the scholarship. 

3. Develop and Sharpen Your Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are a major factor when scholarship applications are being accessed. Schools and organizations that offer fully-funded scholarships are looking to invest in future leaders. Their primary focus is to support and encourage students who have the potential to bring massive changes in any field. Fields can range from academia, business, medicine or any other field.

Leadership skills range from being an active participant in the classroom to volunteering to handle projects or lead projects, aiding other students. There are various ways one can display their leadership skills.

4. Interact With Your Community 

Academics and other accomplishments also matter but it takes more than that to make a good leader and a good citizen. Another way to be eligible for a fully-funded scholarship to study in Canada is to demonstrate that you care for your community, get involved with people and lots more.

One of the best ways to get community recognition is to choose something that you enjoy doing, it might be working with animals, children, the environment, etc. You just have to work consistently, you should spend at least once a week volunteering. 

5. Search the Internet

There are various organizations and institutions in Canada that offer a fully-funded scholarship. You are required to search the internet to get this information, eligibility criteria and how to apply. There are lots of resources on the web available to ease your research such as scholarshipscanada.com, educanada.ca. These available resources will match you to the scholarships that you are eligible for and this makes the job easy. 

There is no limit to the number of scholarship programs that you can apply to, just go ahead and apply to all scholarships that you are eligible for.