How To Get A Security Job In Dubai – All It Takes

how to find security job in Dubai
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If you have been told that there are jobs for you in Dubai, well, i am not here to say there isn’t a job for you out there in Dubai. But one thing i know is that it is not going to be easy getting a Job in the Dubai Of Today unless you already have an employment Visa issued by an employer. Today on Wapdynamo, i will write on how to get  security Job In Dubai.

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How To Get Security Job In Dubai

In Order to secure a security Job in Dubai, there are a few steps you must take. If you are patient enough, you will be able to learn these from this blog post and also share with others out there using any of the social media share tools on the page…

The first thing you are going to do  is to first Obtain a Tourist Visa

A Tourist Visa allows you to enter the Country (United Arab Emirates) which is where Dubai is located. This has to be a 3 Months Visa too and i recommend this specially for Africans intending to come to Dubai!

After you enter the Country, another step you may want to take is to locate a Job Agency. A Job agency is a registered Company that is known to recruit personnel for companies around the UAE.

When you visit the Job Agency, make it clear the Kind of Job you want and ensure it is security job.

After the Initial Visit, making it clear the kind of Job you are looking for, you will be asked to go home while the Agency makes necessary arrangements (Searches for the available Jobs for you).

The truth about getting a security Job in Dubai is that it is not easy, so the Job Agency will make everything easy for you and you are using them because they are outlets where potential employers place order for employees.

It is also good o use a Job Agency because they can never disappoint, they will give you a client that will convert your tourist Visa to a 2/3 Year Dubai Resident Permit!

What Is A Typical Requirements For Dubai Security Job?

In order to secure a security Job In Dubai, you must have the following:

  1. 3 Months Tourist Visa
  2. Up to 5000AED For Resident Permit
  3. International Passport (Which may be taken by company for security Reasons)
  4. Energy to work according to the job demands. Sometimes you may have to work for 12 hours as a security staff.

Having confirmed the 4 items above, check back with the company to be sure they have found a suitable job for you.

Benefits Of Dubai Security Job

  1. 2/3 years Dubai Resident Permit
  2. 1800 – 3000 AED Monthly Salary
  3. Accommodation (usually available if the salary is 1800AED)
  4. Transportation (Depending on your arrangements with the security Company)
  5. A Meal (This depends on the Company you are going to be attached to)

On signing the Offer letter from the company, you would be required to pay an Agency fee to the company that found the Job for you.

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How Much Is Dubai Job Agency Fee?

Dubai Job Agency fee depends on the kind of Job you are looking for. It could reach amounts such as 1000 –  3500 AED. Once again, this would depend greatly on the kind of Job you seek as well as the Salary Involved.

Are There Trusted Job Agencies In Dubai?

Of Course there are. Truth is i used the services of “Al Noor Oasis Management Consultancy” Its an Agency located just Opposite Baniyas Building, Deira, Dubai…



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