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How To Find a Good Job in Canada as an International Student

how to find a good job as a canada international student

International students in Canada are able to work during their studies. Students are able to work only for 20 hours every week during the academic year and can work full-time during the breaks. Working fulltime during the break season really helps save up some good money to help you fund your Canadian education if you have no sponsor from back home

Working while studying enables students to take care of their basic needs. Additionally, working while studying can build valuable experience, expose you to new people and will successfully aid you in integrating into a new country and culture.

Below are ways to find a good job in Canada as an international student. 


Ways to find a good job in Canada as an international student

Full-time international students in Canada that possess a study permit can work on and off-campus. There are conditions that international students must meet before they can be able to work while they study. If those conditions are met, they are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week during the school session and can work up to 40 hours per week during scheduled breaks. 

International students eligible to work in Canada qualify to work for any Canadian employer anywhere in Canada. Below are tips to find a job in Canada as an international student.

  1. Research Properly 

  • Your job hunting should begin as soon as you are sure of your studies in Canada. Reach out to people you know in Canada, request advice and connections, and go through job listings to get an idea of what employers are looking for.
  • If you have already arrived in Canada, visit your university/college career services office. Most universities do have a career centre, welcoming staff and job listings that may showcase anywhere else, including campus jobs.
  • Begin your search in Canada today using the CanadaVisa job search tool.
  1. Prepare/update your resume and cover letter

  • The first and most important step to every job application process is preparing your resume/CV. Ensure that your resume is updated, short and looks good, one page CV is ideal.
  • A cover letter is also required, it has become a common practice in Canada to always include a cover letter alongside your resume. A cover letter is a brief statement of interest in the position you are applying for, it is also a chance to briefly state why you are a better candidate for the job. Indicating your visa status in the cover letter is also a good idea.
  • State your skills and experience in your resume, if you have not gained a lot of work experience, let your CV be based on your other assets such as computer experience, communication and language skills, leadership skills, interpersonal skills and lots more. 
  • Ensure to customize your CV and cover letter for every specific job. This demonstrates that you know the job you are applying for and it shows the employer that you are genuinely interested in their organization.
  1. Do a lot of Networking

Networking is key to securing the perfect job, no matter the location you go to. Employers do know that someone is a perfect fit for a particular job by asking around. Go to events, build references, enroll for various activities. If a company you intend to work for accepts volunteers, start there: Volunteers are mainly the first people employers usually hire.

  1. Obtain Canadian Work Experience 

Your first job might not actually be your initial dream job, however, it still has value. References from Canadian employers always come of help in future applications. Below are a few steps to gain Canadian experience

  • Volunteer: Volunteer work enables you to build a Canadian experience and it is very regarded by employers. Aside from gaining work experience, it enables you to build a network and make Canadian friends.
  • Go for co-op programs: Numerous Canadian study programs offer co-op programs, which work as paid internships. You are offered an opportunity to work in a particular field and gain local experience while earning some money. Also, co-op positions do lead to full-time employment opportunities after graduation. 
  • Be interested in alternative jobs: Limit your expectations. Finding a job is not an easy task and most times it takes a while, your first job position might be something different from what you expect. It is recommended you take the position to gain valuable experience, your experience may lead you to something better.
  • Take advantage of your academic experience: The major reason why you are in Canada as an international student is to study, so be the best student. Taking part in class, school and social activities also help and advertises you for student jobs. 
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