How to Easily Improve IELTS Reading Score

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On this page are are a few tips that could help you get a higher band during your IELTS Reading test. Therefore, if you’ve been wondering about how to Improve IELTS reading Score, I suggest you pay close attention to every detail on this page.


Based on a lot of Research and Comments from Social media groups and Forums, we’re giving you 15 tips to help improve your IELTS Reading score.


How to Improve your IELTS Reading score


1. Prepare Very well

While this is necessary for all sections of an IELTS Test. I must also let you know that one way to land a band 7, 8 or 9 in an IELTS Reading test is to prepare very well.

If you’re a native English speaker or English is your first language, don’t be too confident. Try as much as possible to learn the different types of questions and do well to practice with them as this is the only way to develop yourself for the test.


2. Understand Your Weaknesses

One way to Improve your IELTS Reading score is to understand your weaknesses. This is a test, by way of preparing, it is important that you know the areas where you are strong at.

This is because experience has shown that while a candidate might be so good at reading, he might fumble at other areas of the test and this could bring down your overall band score.

As you practice alone with some past questions, ensure you pay close attention to the little mistakes made and know the reason why such mistakes occurred.

Sometimes your answer could be wrong because you failed to understand the question or couldn’t find the answers


3. Don’t Expect Miracles

If you’re a not a native speaker or your English is very weak, it would be so wrong to expect a high band score or think its possible to take the  test without first spending quality time studying for it.


4. Have a training for IELTS Reading

The best way to Improve your IELTS Reading performance is to spend quality time studying English Language.

I know you had your MSc in English language, but you see, this is a testing system and at such most of the things you thought were correct could be marked wrong.

a. Develop your vocabulary

b. Develop speed when locating information from a passage

c. Learn the different types of Reading Test Questions

d. Practice under exam condition as this helps you boost the skills on (b) above

e. Also test your ability by practicing on a free mode ( just taking the test without feeling like you’re in an exam condition)


5. Master the Art of Deciphering Difficult IELTS Reading Passages

Sometimes just spend quality time on BBC news, the economist as well as the new Scientist. These platforms will help you learn how to read better as well as develop your ability to locate answers from long passages


6. Invest Your Time Wisely

I always suggest you book your test Several months away! Reason; Because this is the only strategy that would enable you spend quality time learning or practicing for IELTS Reading test.

Don’t forget the saying that “Practice makes perfect”, thus, try as much as possible to spend over 95% of this time practising for the test


7. Invest in IELTS Practice Materials

While it is highly recommended that candidates register with a certified IELTS Tutor, there is also need to invest in IELTS practice materials.

There are several Benefits of IELTS Practice Materials I’ll mention just 2

a. IELTS Practice materials will help you develop necessary skills develop your vocabulary as well as get acquainted to different IELTS questions

b. Another benefit has to do with testing yourself to know if you’ve gained needed skills to sit for IELTS Reading test and the test in general.


8. General Training Test

Depending on which IELTS test you booked, its necessary for candidates to understand that for every IELTS Reading test, there are 2 passages that aren’t the same for those taking IELTS academic test.

However, the other passage or the 3rd is similar.

9. Understand your Grammar

It is required that candidates completes sentences with correct words. This means your input has to be grammatically correct. While this is necessary, having a good command of grammar is a skill that will help you understand the right answer for each IELTS summary question.

10. Develop Necessary Skills for Each Type Of Question.

Another tip that’ll help you score high in IELTS Reading test is the ability to device strategies that’ll help you tackle every one of the 14 different types of  questions.

Having a good strategy will help you save time as well as locate the right answer.

11. You Must Know How to Skim and Scan

Skimming and Scanning are 2 of the most important strategies that helps to buy you time in IELTS Reading test.

While Skimming enables you to read and have a general idea of what the passage is all about, Scanning I must say is your ability to locate the appropriate answers quickly even though your comprehension of the passage is very low

12. Ensure your Speed Reading skills are Good

Every section of IELTS test has a fixed time. Time is one of the very important factors that determines your performance in each section of the test.

Your speed reading skill helps you quickly find the answers without wasting time.

Bonus Tips to Help Improve Your IELTS Reading score

1. Do not Try to Understand the Passage

Trying so hard to understand the passage in IELTS reading test takes the time you don’t actually have. It is best you

Don’t forget there is actually a part of the Reading test called “Matching headings” and “Choosing a title”. These are the part of IELTS Reading test that requires your full understanding of the passage

2. Develop your Vocabulary

I should’ve placed this in 5 but for the fact that most candidates actually begin to feel the use of strong vocabs is what makes greater scores, I decided to put it as a bonus.

In all, I’ve listed several tips to enable you boost or improve your IELTS Reading score. This means if you’ve sat for the test before but performed below expectations, knowing these tips would help place you at a higher score level next time around.

Don’t forget to keep a date with this page cos we’re not done with IELTS just yet