Tutorial: How To Create Your First WordPress Blog

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Today i will be teaching you guys how to create your first wordpress blog and your be learning how to do this from the scratch.

Creating a wordpress blog is not hard as you all thinks, you don’t need to hire a programmer before you can own your own blog.

This tutorial would teach you everything you need to know about creating a wordpress blog.


Whenever you’re thinking about how to make legit money online, blogging is the best answer to it.

If you manage to create a successful blog , trust me there us no limit to what you can earn.

Blogging is the best and the number one techniques of making money online. You share your ideas to people and you make money from it.

So i would teach you how to create your first wordpress blog now to enable you join the moving train.

Although some people don’t join blogging or create blog in other to make money, well your aim of creating the blog is non of my business, my job here now is to teach you how to start a wordpress blog for free

They are many platforms out there you can use to create a blog , many people also prefer hiring programmer’s to code their blog from scratch but the the truth is that wordpress is the best and reliable platform for creating a blog, many big blogs are using it.


Actually they is no too much tool needed to set up a wordpress blog, you don’t have to have millions before you could start.

Some of the things needed are

1.DOMAIN – this is simply your web address e.g google.com, blabla.com

2.HOSTING – web hosting serves as your storage, where your content and other things are been stored.

3. PC/SMART PHONE – trust me, once you’re here reading this post you’re qualified to create your own wordpress blog, PC is recommend but it’s not necessary because you can still do everything with your smart phone.

Above is some of the major things needed in creating a blog, now let me go ahead and show you how to create your first wordpress blog now because i know you can’t wait to have your own blog.


It doesn’t cost much before to set up your dreamed wordpress blog. Like i said before, you don’t need to have £1 million on your account before you could create your wordpress blog.

$50 would definitely get your wordpress blog running and you’ll still have change.


Creating a wordpress blog doesn’t require html or any other coding or programming language, so you don’t have to hire any programmer/developer unless you have money to waste.

I made this tutorial to teach you how to create your first wordpress blog now so all you have to do is to cool down and learn so that you won’t miss the essential part of it.


I’m about to teach you how to start a wordpress blog for free now but before i start i would first of all recommend a site you can order your domain and hosting because that’s what you need to create your own blog. The best and reliable web hosting you can use for your blog is namecheap.com , they are trusted and reliable.

Infact that is what I’m using to host all my blogs.


We have just arrived at the main point which is how to create your first wordpress blog now. Let assume you have all the things needed.

Follow the below procedures

1.go to www.namecheap.com and purchase a web hosting together with domain.

2.Click on the hosting tab and choose the hosting plan you want and continue.

(Namecheap shared hosting ) is recommended for starting.

Choose the one you can afford, remember the different there is only the storage space. So you can choose any one you want, you can upgrade later if you want.

Namecheap shared hosting plans
Namecheap shared hosting plans

I can’t force you to choose any, you know what you can afford, am only teaching you how to create your first wordpress blog now.

3. After you must have selected the the hosting space you want, a new page will open where you’ll be asked to buy a domain or connect your existing domain (for those that have bought domain before) or eve use their .website domain for free.

Select domain on namecheap
Enter your desired domain on namecheap

But i won’t advice you to use the free domain because you can’t really rank very well with it.

4. After this stage you’ll be asked to fill in your contact information, your full name and other things. Don’t use fake information.

5. After filling your contact and business information, click on the pay button and make the payment.

You can pay with your ATM card or PayPal account.

Boom, you have successfully ordered your hosting and domain. But that doesn’t mean you have created a wordpress blog.

Below is how to create your first wordpress blog now

now you have ordered your hosting account which is the major thing needed before creating a wordpress blog, the next step is to install wordpress.


1. Sign in to your cpanel (they will send you your cpanel username and password after purchasing hosting).
2. Scroll down on your cpanel, you’ll see many platforms, e.g joomola, wix, wordpress and many more. You’re advised to choose wordpress.
3. After you must have clicked on wordpress, you’ll see install button, just click on it, put some necessary information about your blog and click the install button.
That’s it, after 30 minutes to 1 hour they would activate your blog and it will start functioning, they will send your site login(password) to your gmail.


I believe by now you must have learned how to create your first wordpress blog now so you can go ahead and create one for yourself, drop your question on the comments section.

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