How to Check First Bank Account Number Online

First Bank atm card sample
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Today I’m going to teach you how to check first bank account number online to enable you receive money online or from your relatives or friends.

Actually i don’t believe that someone on one earth can forget his account number or BVN, it was recently that i found out that a thing like that is happening.

Well we all are human beings, we do forget things some times, but don’t worry because you are covered on this one.

Recently we discussed how you can check your BVN number online in 10 minutes without stress and guess what? It helped a lot of bank holders to that doesn’t have there BVN off head to check there BVN without going to bank.

So today I’m here again with a new tutorial which is how to check first bank account number and the amazing thing is that you don’t have to visit bank  first bank before you can check it.

First Bank Overview

First Bank was founded in 1894 as Bank of British West Africa. It was however renamed First Bank of Nigeria in 1979.

The multinational bank has its headquarters in Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.

A reputable financial services company, the bank has over 790 branches as of 2012.

It was named the Best Retail Bank in Nigeria in 2015. The award was bestowed on the bank by The Asian Banker headquartered in Singapore.

According to information online, the bank boasts over 10 million customers and more than 7,000 members of staff.

As of December 2015, First Bank’s assets totaled 3.9 trillion Naira.

First Bank stands out as one of Nigeria’s biggest bank with millions of customers scattered all over the country. The bank is known for its lifestyle services and products designed to support the family, personal, and business needs of its customers.

The bank’s products include money transfer services, cards, loans & advances, deposit products, channels, distributorship financing, guarantees, foreign trade service, and cash management.

So today I’m going to teach you how to check first bank account number  without going to bank and the amazing thing is that it doesn’t waste time .

First Bank USSD Code Review

First bank USSD code is *894# its meant for all first bank customers to carry out there day to day transactions without stressing their self to go to bank. You can do a lot with this first bank USSD Code e.g checking your account balance, making transfer, checking of bvn, etc

How To Check Your First Bank Account Balance

It’s very easy to check your account balance, just follow the simple steps

1. Dial *894#

2. Click one quick banking

3. Click on Inquiry

4. Select account number Inquiry.

Wait a little bit for it to process, boom.. Your account number will be displayed on your screen and you will aslo get it as a text message.

Note- if you have not activated your first bank USSD code mobile banking you will not be able to do any transaction or Inquiry .

Don’t worry it’s very easy to activate it and it doesn’t waste time, follow the steps below and activate it if you haven’t done it before.

How To Activate First Bank USSD Code

How To Register For The First Bank *894# Service

1. Start by dialing *894*0#

2. Choose your preferred debit card

3. Input your 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the debit card

4. Generate a new 5-digit PIN

5. Your number will automatically go LIVE on the FirstBank USSD banking service.


Now you have learned how to check first bank account number .

Please don’t follow any other steps except this one to check your account number else visit any nearest bank around you


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