How To Check BVN Online

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Hey guys, are you one of those searching for how to check bvn online ? If the answer is yes then you’re welcome because this post is for you.

I realized recently that this is now the trend searched keywords among those guys don’t want to go to bank to check there bvn number

Well keep on reading because i got your back, I’m going to how to check your bvn number online in 10 minutes.

Bank of Nigeria in cooperation with mobile phone providers as mtn, Airtel and even 9mobile have launched a special service, which is currently available to all the customers within the border of the state.

I think this is amazing, you can now make transfer, check your account balance, make online payment and as well check your bvn number with your mobile phone. Infact you can do a lot with it.

But today we’re going to be discussing how to check bvn number online in 10 minutes.

how to check bvn online

it is quite common thing that someone needs to pay in or withdraw money from his/her bank account. Of course it is understandable that people can’t memorize everything. Its very very hard for someone to remember a lot of information especially if we are talking about number.

Just to make things simple and make life easier for us, Nigerian mobile phone providers come to the conclusion- every moment you want there should be such a possibility to know your bank verification number. So nowadays bvn code is available online, so called 24/7  which means everything you need is your mobile phone and internet access.

how to check your  bvn number

One thing that amazes me about checking bvn on mtn is that it doesn’t matter the type of mobile device you have. Whether you are one of the proud owners of infinix note 4 or you just can afford to buy on the secondary market Nokia 1280 with flash light. You don’t have to find access to the internet because everything you need is code for checking bvn. Code for checking bvn code is *565*0#

For your own benefit, i suggest you write down and save this code in your mobile phone directory. If you wish to know your bvn number you are entitled to send a call to this dial consisting of four (4) digit numbers. Don’t forget to use your mobile phone which is registered or attached to the bank account.

This code was originated to check bvn on mtn. However, it is also suitable to all the bank in Nigeria as well as it works with every popular mobile operator (9mobile, mtn, airtel)

One more thing that is worth mentioning is that from your account balance a token fee for this action will be deducted. The price is not too much, is N10 only. You should try and remember this useful information which is written below not to swallow the bait of the swindlers.


 Bank account employees will never in any way ask of any other details concerning your bank account. Don’t answer suspicious e-mails or SMS on your mobile phone. Be clever and wise.  Now you have learned how to check bvn number online will advice you to check it only when you need it.


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