How to Build a Blog in 2019 (Complete Guide)

How to Build Blog In 2019
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I got a lot of emails asking me how to build a successful blog. In this article i will be answering questions involved and all you need to build a blog in 2019 and even beyond! Just follow me on this Long and wonderful post cos i am sure you may not find a package like this anywhere else! Here is clear guide on How to build a blog in 2019. What i will be sharing with you today is all i have gained from my two years of active blogging.

You might be asking “thinking why should i read this guide on How to Build  blog in 2018?

As a beginner you are bound to make mistakes. These mistakes is what that builds you up. But is wise to learn from another person mistakes.
I have once been in your shoe, i will be showing you steps and what i do to grow my blog.

What is a blog

For us to continue, i have to explain what i mean by a blog.
According to English dictionary: A blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
This website or web page can be where you share your daily experience, help others solve a problem. Sometimes you have to research and check what is new and share with your readers. The content shared can be in form of video, graphics or in written form.
Blog can be been as an interaction platform. Because it is a place you discuss with your readers or people interested in what you blog about. A blog can be seen as an informational page published in world wide web (WWW).
A blog can be a daily news blog, technology blog ( where you review tech gadgets, educational blog where you share education related articles. It can as well be a health and fitness blog. Provided that you share knowledge, experience, and guides on the web page then it is called a BLOG.
Now i believe you know what is a blog,
Next i will help you to choose the blogging sector you will base.

What is a Niche And How To Choose To Right Niche

Most times you see people drop from blogging. One of the major problems they face is going into the wrong niche. Like they always say that blogging is out of passion.
Before i go on, WHAT IS A NICHE?
A niche is a blogging topic or sector one can choose to blog about. Example: Technology – i can choose to create a blog, where what i share with my readers is all about technology.
This blog will feature topics from technology areas like: mobile phone, tech news, hacking, etc
This blog will be center on technology information. Then one can say that my blogging niche is technology.

How Do I Choose The Right Niche

For newbies i will advice you to choose your areas of passion as your niche. 3 years back when i started blogging, i am a lover of mobile phone. So i choose to be writing mobile phone review. As many companies release new phones, i write about them for my readers.
Even when i was not making money from the blog but i continued writing
Because i am blogging about what i love. I never got bored of writing about new phones. This is the problem many face
When you choose a today that you are not passionate about, as time goes on you will lose interest. Because you are not making and end from the blog.
To avoid rising and falling, discover what you love and blog about it. Make sure you have little know of your blogging niche.
We are moving, now i believe you have a niche in your mind. Yea is necessary for beginners but for people that have been in the game can blog on any topic.
Earlier this year i blogged about camera lens. I am not a photographer nor have i touched camera before. I before writing any single post, i have to consult gurus in the system. Yea today, the blog is successful and it is running.
As a beginners go for your passion, then after you will see many micro niche ideas to blog about.
Now you know what is a niche and how to choose one suitable for you.
Let’s push further…. How to build a blog in 2019

What Is A Domain Name?

You have learnt what a blog is, as well a niche and how to choose one.
By now you mind will racing asking the question What is a domain name?  How can i choose one?
A domain name is the name of your website. It is same as the name that internet users can use to access your website. A web address usually contain a domain name with domain extension.
Domain name can come with various domain extensions like .com, .UK, .us, .org, .co etc. Since users gets in touch with your website by accessing the computer that your web page is stored in. These websites has address called up address which looks like a serial number.
For easy access web developers brought out a way that those up address can be represented. Example
Your domain name is what that is used to identify your website or blog. For you to build a blog, you must purchase a domain name from sellers.
Domain name can be someone name like You can choose from your hubby or from niche like etc.
If you are really passionate about How to build a blog in 2019, then you must learn to choose the right domain name for your blog.
Please choose something short and easy to remember as your domain name. Long domain name can easily be forgotten. Make it short and simple, if possible one word.
It will help to increase the number of returning visitors on your blog.
Still on How to build a blog in 2019… Let’s move to the next step

What Is A Host?

If you want to build a house, you can’t build it on the air.
Likewise blogging, if you want to build a blog then you need a host.
A host serves as your land to build house, while your blog is the house you are building.
Now there are two types of host: Paid Host And Free Host
Free Host – There are web companies or hosting companies that gives you free space to host your blog with them. They give you bandwidth and disk space to store your web pages.
A free host offers limited opportunity, they don’t give you opportunity to access their full features. Free hosts are mainly for practice, and people that are just playing with blogging.
Though they are good free host like google blog. Google blogger is the only free host that allows you to monetize your blog unlike free host like wordpress and others.
Features in google blogger is limited, they don’t give you all you need to give the best experience to your users. Free hosts don’t allow the use of plugins.
Paid Host: Like the name sounds, they are host that you pay. Out there in the market are hosting companies who offer services, all you need it to pay them and get a space to store your web pages.
Paid host gives your space to store your web pages according to your hosting plan. They are various hosting plan available. I talked about them later in this article.
They are many hosting companies in the market today. I recommend Namecheap, they are the best so far. Their hosting plans are cheap and they render quality service.
If you really want to build a standard blog, i recommend paid host. They will help you get the best you want.
This article is focused in How to build a blog in 2019… Learn more about Namecheap hosting below..

Best Hosting Plans From Namecheap

We know namecheap as one of the cheapest web hosting provider. The question many ask most times is: What is the Best hosting plans from namecheap?
Is necessary to choose the right hosting plan, if you are up to How to build a blog in 2019.
This can be very confusing, though many people have written articles on namecheap hosting review but fail to cover this topic.
Maybe you are about to start your project wondering the best hosting plan you can get from this company, don’t worry. This article is written to reveal best namecheap hosting.
Firstly, i will like to explain available hosting plans on namecheap for you, before i tell you the Best Hosting Plans From Namecheap.

Why do i have to Review Namecheap Hosting Plan?

Like other web specialist will always say that no hosting plan is the best. But choose the best hosting plan for your project.
If you are going into a mini project that is for short term service. It will be of no use to choose larger hosting plan with excess bandwidth and disk space.
The best hosting plan is the right hosting for your project. If you want to run a long term project, i advice you to get bigger hosting that will contain your project without any defect.
No need, you know that namecheap offers the best hosting platform along other hosting companies like Godaddy, Bluehost and co.
One unique thing about namecheap which makes them different from others web hosting companies is that they offer quality service (hosting) at cheap rate.

List Of Best Hosting Plans From Namecheap

Here are Best namecheap hosting – features and price

NameCheap Easy WP (Namecheap Easywp Review)

This is a newly introduce hosting plan on namecheap. Here is what i have to say about this hosting plan is also called namecheap managed wordpress hosting review.  If you dream of building a wordpress site, this hosting is the best for you. In this namecheap hosting plan you will enjoy the following features:
Quick WordPress setup
WordPress website
5GB of SSD Storage
Easy backups
24/7/365 Support from Namecheap’s Customer Service Team
These services are available on this hosting platform and it will cost you just $8.88/year. I will advice you to choose this hosting plan if you are going into a short term project. This namecheap hosting plan is good for small projects and websites/blog with low traffic.
I will recommend easy WP for beginners, trying to build online presence. Here your website is hosted on namecheap server which is managed by wordpress experts.
This namecheap hosting plan  backs up your site, twice a week. I can tell you that Easy WP is among the Best Hosting Plans From Namecheap, but good for beginners and for short term projects. How to build a blog in 2019.

Namecheap Shared Hosting Plan

I can’t complete this best namecheap hosting review without highlighting this hosting plan. Here we have various namecheap shared hosting with variety of hosting offers.
No doubt this is the most popular namecheap hosting plan and it is widely used. This hosting plan has 3 form, which are: Stellar, Stellar Plus, and Stellar Business with their respective price list – $24,88/yr, $46.88/yr and $88.88/yr
Here is the features of Shared hosting plan

Stellar Hosting Contains

20 GB SSD-Accelerated Disk Space
up to 3 websites
30 email account
30 subdomains
50 FTP users
backup: times weekly, and more.

Stellar Plus Contains

Unlimited SSD-Accelerated Disk Space
unmetered bandwidth
unlimited websites
unlimited email accounts
unlimited subdomains
unlimited FTP users
backup: 2 times weekly and more.

Stellar Business

50 GB pure SSD Disk Space
unmetered bandwidth
unlimited websites
unlimited email accounts
unlimited subdomains
unlimited FTP users
Backups 2 × daily and once weekly
Now the question is:

How Do I Know That This Hosting Plan Is Good For My Project?

I am sure why you googled Best Hosting Plans From Namecheap is because you want to choose the best hosting plan for your project.
How you will know if namecheap shared host is suitable is by identifying the kind of project you want to run.
One thing you should know is that unlimited bandwidth is common to the three hosting plans. You can’t choose same hosting plan with someone going for a download site, if your project is focused on news blog.
In like manner, a news blog hosting can’t be same with an event blog that’s only meant to meet customer’s demand for a period of time.
These are what you should put in consideration before choosing any of the above hosting plan.

Who Should Use Shared Plan

Shared plan is just like Easy WP hosting plan. In Easy WP a wordpress expert is in charge of your site, handling wordpress related issues. But in shared hosting you will handle all wordpress related problems concerning your blog/website.
If you can handle your wordpress issues then this hosting is for you. If you don’t have experience in managing wordpress site.
I will advice you to use Easy WP where namecheap wordpress experts will help you solve your problems.
How to build a blog in 2019… Continue Reading
Which Shared Hosting Plan Is Best Hosting Plans From Namecheap
Like i mentioned before that when choosing Best Hosting Plans From Namecheap. The major determinant is the project you want to handle.
Here is how to know the best hosting plan for your project:
Each stellar hosting plan has it own features. If your project contains import of media and content of an existing website, then i will advice you to purchase stellar plus or stellar business plan. This hosting plan will give you chance to import all the contents/media.
In the other hand, if you are working in a fresh site/blog. I will advice you to get stellar hosting plan. It will serve your project, if your site grows you can upgrade to another higher plan. Know that namecheap wordpress hosting is the best for your project.
How to build a blog in 2019… Continue Reading

Namecheap Stellar Hosting

This is another namecheap hosting platform. If you dream of starting your own hosting business or you want to host multiple websites, then this hosting plan is an option.
You can buy this hosting plan from namecheap and resell to others. As this article ” namecheap hosting review” revolves on best hosting plans from namecheap. I promised from this beginning of this article to tell you the project that each host is suitable.
If you a known programmer, getting jobs from companies. This hosting is good for you. You can buy this plan and resell to your clients.
One good this is that they will not know that their websites is hosted on namecheap. You can buy this plan from namecheap and choose to sell the available hosting bandwidth allocated to your reseller hosting account.
You will be in charge of the services and features you added to each plan. Here you determine the price and space you give in each of your hosting offers.
VPS Hosting
Virtual private server (VPS Hosting) is high option for hosting long term websites. If you can a project like building a larger news site, and blog/website with many contents which will be in the business for years to come. This hosting plan can handle large number of traffic.
VPS hosting is just like shared hosting. But in VPS hosting websites hosted on same serves share equal bandwidth and disk space. This is not same in shared hosting, where a website can get larger bandwidth than another.
In VPS hosting, changes in the other website does not affect another. This is best hosting plan for experience webmasters, and hosting resellers.
How to build a blog in 2019… Continue Reading

Dedicated Server Hosting

This is the largest hosting plan and the most powerful hosting plan. You will choose this as the Best Hosting Plans From Namecheap if your website receives a lot of traffics.
Most of the top websites you see today online use this hosting plan. In this namecheap hosting plan, your website is hosted to a separate server. This means that only your website owns the server.
In this namecheap hosting plan, you need to have technical know. If you don’t have, you can employ someone to manage your site for you. This hosting plan allows you to modify or run software on your server. It is the best for big projects and websites that receives a lot of traffic.
Summary On Best Hosting Plans From Namecheap
I believe that i have done justice to best hosting plans on namecheap.
So far i have discussed the following hosting plans:
Easy WP
Shared Hosting
Reseller Hosting
VPS hosting
Dedicated Server
No doubt all of them are Best Hosting Plans From Namecheap. But only if used for the right project.
How to build a blog in 2019… Continue Reading
Here is a quick reminder:
Easy WP – This hosting plan is suitable and good for beginners who have less or no wordpress experience. Namecheap helps them sort out their wordpress problems. It is good for mini projects or short term project. You can use it for a start and upgrade to other better host later.
Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is best for people with wordpress experience, here you handle your wordpress related problems. It is good to host sites with no much traffic. For fresh websites choose stellar hosting, while for websites that you wish to import contain in, choose stellar plus or stellar business. One good this is that you can always upgrade your hosting plan.
VPS Hosting: VPS is just like shared hosting, but in this namecheap hosting plan. All the websites hosted on same server share equal space. This is not same with shared hosting, where some websites has larger bandwidth and disk space than others. I recommend for webmasters working a project for long term.
Reseller Hosting: This hosting platform is majority for resellers. You are looking for the Best Hosting Plans From Namecheap for your hosting business. Then this option is for you, you can reseller the bandwidth and disk space allocated to your Reseller account and make your profit.
Dedicated Server: This hosting plan is for huge project. I will not advice anyone to start hosting of fresh website with this hosting plan. You can start with other plans, then when you grow the website/blog you can upgrade to this plan.
In this hosting plan, you website is hosted on a separate server. The server is dedicated only to your website only.
Now i know you can choose the Best Hosting Plans From Namecheap for your project.
Why I Prefer Namecheap Hosting To Godaddy Hosting
I will be stating my reasons clear why i prefer namecheap hosting to Goddamn
Namecheap offers the cheapest hosting plan with quality service delivery. Goddamn is not like namecheap, their hosting plan is very costly compared to namecheap.
Goddamn is very strict when it comes to renewal, with confusing process to check out. Their phone support is not fair, hard to reach. Unlike Namecheap that you can access their phone support and speak with their customer care representative.
Namecheap offers free email forwarding but Goddamn don’t, they charge you for it.
Since you have learned How to build a blog in 2019. Go ahead get a host from Namecheap and build your blog.
Final Words On How to build a blog in 2019
I have discussed the basic things you need to know about How to build a blog in 2019. For you to build a successful blog, you need to know about them.
Use the comment box below to make your contributions and ask your questions.
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