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Getting a The Best Student Health Insurance in Canada

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Health insurance for students covers the student’s medical expenses and other health costs in Canada. International students must present a health insurance plan during visa application to be eligible to apply for a student visa.  

Students from international countries are required to obtain a valid health insurance policy before entering Canada. The existing coverage available for international students is government-funded or private health insurance plans. 

In a typical private health insurance plan, the applicant must sign up with the insurer for coverage during their studies. Once they start their studies, they can renew their policy every year and cover any unforeseen medical expenses incurred by them. 


There are many advantages of having a student health insurance policy while studying in Canada. This post highlights the major benefits of student health insurance policies in Canada. In addition, it explores the limitations of existing policies and provides some recommendations for improvements. 

Benefits of Student Health Insurance

Student health insurance plans provide affordable medical care, whether you’re at home or abroad. 

Canadian government-funded and private health insurance plans offer various types of benefits to their clients. With these types of plans, students have an array of options available to them to suit their specific needs. 


If you choose a student health insurance plan, you’ll enjoy some major benefits such as medical emergency coverage, dental care, optical care, prescriptions, outpatient treatment, etc. All these services will cost less when you buy them under a student health insurance plan. 

Most Canadian universities require that all international students carry some form of student health insurance plan during their studies. Now let’s look at the drawbacks of these types of policies. 

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It is estimated that 30% of Canadian university students and new graduates don’t have adequate coverage and risk going into serious debt to pay for unexpected medical expenses. This risk may be even higher if you don’t buy health insurance as soon as you arrive in Canada. 


How Much Would it Cost for International Students to Get Health Insurance in Canada? 

As we already know, health insurance costs vary widely from country to country. For instance, Health Insurance premium cost is high in the US compared to the UK, but cheaper in India and South Africa.  

In Canada, the cost of health insurance also varies from location to location and it also depends on the insurance firm. 

Generally, most students who live in Ontario will find it difficult to get an affordable student health insurance policy because they are too young and haven’t established any permanent residency status in Canada. Even when they do get an affordable policy, they may not be able to find one that provides sufficient coverage for their particular situation. 

For instance, many student health insurance policies offer up to 100,000 CAD (Canadian dollars) worth of coverage for up to three years of study. But this may not be enough for students with expensive medications or dental procedures that need to be performed while studying in Canada. 

On the other hand, many other Canadian universities require international students to purchase additional coverage before arriving in Canada. If you do decide to buy this additional coverage, then it may cost as much as 200-300 CAD per month for six months or longer. 

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Therefore, this could increase the overall cost of getting a student health insurance policy by more than 400 CAD per month. In order to help students find a cheaper alternative, there are some online agencies that offer lower prices on student health insurance for international students. 

One such agency is Student Care Network (www.studentcare.ca). The website has several comparisons between different Canadian universities and Canadian student health insurance providers. In addition, it has information on how much money you should have saved at the end of your studies if you get an affordable student health insurance policy from one of the websites listed on the website. 

It is important to remember that if you buy an affordable student health insurance policy from one of the online agencies, then you must always use it while studying in Canada. If you fail to do so, then you will not be covered by any medical expenses incurred during your stay in Canada. 

What Should You Look For When Buying A Student Health Insurance Policy? 

When buying a student health insurance policy, there are a few things that you should look for: 

Comprehensive coverage – All the hospitals and clinics in Canada accept foreign patients, so make sure that your insurance provider will provide you with comprehensive coverage for all hospitals and clinics in Canada. 

No Medical Expenses Deductible / No Coverage Excess Deductible – This refers to the amount of money that you must pay out of your pocket before your insurance provider will cover your medical expenses. Some insurers may require you to pay up to $50,000 of medical expenses before they will provide you with any coverage.

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