Emotion and revelation. Bbnaija 2019

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The Situation

Subsequent to Diane’s love web situation that was addressed during the live eviction show, Diane finally addressed the elephant in the room.

Evidently, the trio –Tuoyo , Nelson  and Sir Dee had a mutual special connection – Diane. This was revealed when Ebuka asked how she felt about these Pepper Dem men. To which she gave neutral responses.

Earlier on, she had a chat with Tuoyo regarding the awkward situation. Here, she made mention of the fact that the guy who claimed likes her, wasn’t reflecting his feelings in his actions towards her. In addition, the Housemate in question was emotionally involved with another lady in the House. Who could this be? That’s right, Nelson!

More Revelations

In order to clear the air, Diane decided to have the dreaded conversation with Nelson. She made her feelings known to him and said: “If I say I like you, then I mean it”.

Nelson apparently nursed his displeasure in Diane’s closeness with Tuoyo – to buttress his point, he revealed how uncomfortable he felt seeing Diane and Tuoyo’s intimate dance during the Saturday night party

With Mercy as the middleman in the situation, she made a subtle attempt at bringing the duo together. In her words, “there’s love here, can’t you see it?”.

The emotional outburst ended in an even more awkward moment when Nelson told Diane that they should just remain friends, till anything else springs up between them”.

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