Election Rigging Techniques 2019

Election Rigging Techniques
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As Nigeria is about to embark on the long awaited 2019 General elections, i feel there is need for us to be informed on certain things that could happen in our various Polling units – well, i know you already Said the word “RIGGING” and i am not going to say you are wrong cos truth remains that it will be very hard for election process to take place in Nigeria without Rigging Taking place! I will share a few Election Rigging Techniques you must look out for during the 2019 General Elections!
As you go out to vote, please take note of the following Election Rigging Techniques;
To successfully rig an election in Nigeria, you need to have firm control over the following:
1- The original result sheet of the polling unit.
2- The ballot papers (especially unused papers).
3- The INEC polling unit officers.
When you arrive at the polling unit, ask of your party agent. If doing this can expose your voting choice, then ask for two popular party agents. Interview them and be sure that they are committed party people. Ask them questions like ‘have you seen the original results?’, ‘have you inspected the ballot papers, etc?’ If their answer is in the affirmative, then proceed to be accredited.
If item 1 is not available in the polling unit, you a simply wasting your time there. Results are been written somewhere else. Simply disrupt (or attempt to) the process and insist on seeing item 1. It is within your right to do so. If your party agent insists he has not seen it, then there is no need continuing the process.
After accreditation, demand that the total number of accredited voters be announced to all voters prior to commencement of voting. If the INEC officials insist on not announcing this, then become alert and make sure you stay there till the results (of voting) is recorded in the original result sheet before you leave.
The thin line between a successful election and a rigged election is in knowing the number of accredited voters before commencement of voting proper and ensuring that the number remains so after voting. This is why the card readers became the GAME CHANGER.

Usually, rigging is carried out as follows;

1- Riggers ensure that the public is not aware of the total number of accredited voters, thereby giving room for unused ballot papers to be smuggled and used afterwards and figures inflated.
2- The ordinary voters are usually not aware of what the original result sheet looks like. Some of them never even get to see this paper because it is only brought out at the end of the election. Over 60% of voters do not wait till the end of elections.
3- Where the turnout of voters is very low, all parties most times agree to inflate the figure in proportion to the original result.
For example, if there are 200 voters in a unit and only 50 show up for an election, party A has 30 and B 20. It means that voters turnout in that unit is 25%. In most cases and in the interest of the community, the party agents might agree to inflate the result without rigging the original outcome. At the end of the day, the results would increase to 100 for party A and 70 for party B. Everybody is happy, although the voters are most not aware these compromises. Where the other party agent is compromised, the figures can go 100 for party A while party B remains 20. Make sure your party agent is not compromised.
The idea of snatching ballot boxes (which is not usually necessary in professional rigging) is to cause confusion, scare aware ordinary voters and create the opportunity to insert the stolen ballot papers (which INEC officials had initially sold to them) among the real voters papers. But this is old school now. If you snatch a ballot box today, you are stupid and be rest assured that the result of the unit will likely be cancelled. It is absolutely unnecessary.
In all, to successfully rig an election, you need the cooperation of other party agents, INEC staff and lastly the security officials. Usually, with the right amount of money, you can buy the cooperation of every group, including voters and party agents. This is the real meaning of what people call the power of incumbency.
Any election rigged without the cooperation of every group would mostly be upturned by the courts.
If INEC stick to their rules and insist on using the card reader as the only means of accreditation in today’s election, then be rest assured that we will have a near perfect outcome. With the introduction of card readers, there is now only one way to rig an election. I will talk about that after the election.
Now that you know what we know and how elections are rigged, do not allow yourself, your party and politician of choice to be rigged out in today’s election. Follow through the process till the results are written in the original result sheets before you leave the polling units. If possible, follow the results to the ward collation centre.
If INEC insist on using the card reader as the only means of accreditation, then you have nothing to fear. Just remain alert.
Make sure the total votes counted and recorded in the original result sheet does not exceed the number of accredited voters you had initially recorded after accreditation.
Usually, when you find out that the election in your unit has been rigged in favor of your interest, well, I do not expect you to cause any trouble. Just be happy and go him.
The courts will decide the rest later on.
These are just a few Election Rigging Techniques as it would happen in various states of Nigeria during the General Elections! May heaven help us all!


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