Difference Between Transgender And Transvestite

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This article is centered on the Difference between transgender and transvestite. Though many think that transgender is same as transvestites. They are different in meaning, these two words are for gender identity.

What is Transvestites?

Transvestites is a person that cross dresses. When a person that has an assigned sex but choose to immediate or go by the opposite gender code of dressing. It happens as a result of choose, the way one choose to live his life.
Transvestites is a person who enjoys cross dressing. Wearing opposite sex cloth for sexual and emotional purpose. They always do it for a specific occasion, most transvestites rarely wear it in public except for special events.
Cross dressers are seen as cigender men. When a person that is assigned sex woman chooses to dress in opposite sex (male) clothes for sexual benefit (aim) the person is known to be practising transvestism (the act of transvestite).
This person does not act to the opposite gender they were assigned to at birth but exhibit their behavior. The sole aim for the cross dresser (transvestite) is for sexual purpose.
This word transvestite was first used by 1910 by Magnus Hirshfeld, a gay campaigner. Who thought is wise to call all gays and lesbians transvestite but later was found wrong because most gays and lesbians are as a result of transgender, and transsexual. When people starting undergoing medical operations to turn into a sex opposite to the one they were assigned to at birth, that’s when this word transvestite got out of the range.
A transvestite does not affect any of his or her organs or hormones reassignment, what he or she does is cross dressing – wearing opposite gender clothes and emulating their character/ behavior.

What is Transgender?

For use to know the Difference Between Transgender And Transvestite we must know the meaning of the word Transgender.
Transgender is a person sex assigned at birth does not match the gender identity. When you are talking about sex it shows whether a person is male or female, but transgender identity determines the person hormones, anatomy and sexual behavior.
Transgender person may identify as a woman after been born as male genitalia. This shows that her hormones are structured to function like that of a woman. Note that this is totally different from a Transsexual, it comes transsexual when the transgender man takes action to check her sexual organs from woman to man.
According to research Nearly 700,000 adults living in US are transgender. A transgender man is a person that is assigned at birth as a woman but discovers that he is not that woman but a man. That person is called transgender woman. Then when the person makes further steps to change a body state to that of man then the person is undergoing gender transition which leaders to transsexual.

Final Words On Difference Between Transgender And Transvestite

Transvestite and transgender are two different words with different meaning.
In summary transgender is some that choose or discovers that he is opposite of the gender assigned to him at birth.
While transvestite is a person that choose to cross dress. A person that chooses to dress in opposite sex clothes for emotional or sexual purpose.  Difference Between Transgender And Transvestite
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