Diary room sessions: BBnaija 2019

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Diary Session.

Jeff: He feels bad for being nominated for possible eviction, but he’s feeling much better. It was a surprise Thelma left. He feels sad he was nominated and doesn’t know why they nominated him.

Omashola’s DS: He’s happy with the 2 new HM. Especially the babe because she’s his spec from Warri.

Gedoni: He’s not excited because the cover of his pillow was taken for the new HM. He’s surprised he escaped nominations.

Mercy: She’s glad she escaped eviction. She isn’t happy Nelson left. Was surprised when she saw the new HM.

Esther: She feels a lot better. But not about the new HM. She nominated Jeff for being cunny and Omashola for being lousy because it gets her irritated most times.

Diane : She’s having mixed feelings because the 2 new HM are popular and famous on Instagram already, but she will get through. She is scared Jeff may be evicted.

Tacha: She says she’s very fine. She expected Thelma’s eviction but wasn’t sure for the guys. She is sure Jeff is always nominating her, that’s why she nominated him. Because she’s a tough HM and a big competition.

Jackye: She says she loves the energy in the house and is pumped up. She did not think they’ll be an eviction last Sunday. It was a surprise to her. She doesn’t know who would leave this Sunday.

Sir Dee: He wasn’t so sure Thelma would be evicted last Sunday. He wants Tacha, Mike and Jeff to be voted for.

Frodd: He’s excited to be HOH. He looks up to the verdict by viewers on Sunday because it’s going to be tight. He can’t judge the case of the missing coins.

Mike: He has no idea on who was supposed to be evicted last Sunday. He has a strong personality. What you see is what you get. Those nominating should keep it up because he can’t change his personality.

Ike: He feels good. There was ups and downs between him and Mercy but they’re good now. He feels someone else should have left last Sunday instead of Thelma. He’s happy he’s not up for possible eviction.

Khaffi: She feels bad Gedoni did not pick her to be in his group. Because she was looking forward to be in the same group as his gf. He apologized and her heart melts. She nominated Jackye because she’s bossy. Esther because she shuts her up.


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