What is the cost of Shipping From Nigeria to UK?

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Cost of Shipping From Nigeria to UK?

As a Nigerian, i can categorically tell you it really costs a lot of money to have certain goods shipped from Nigeria to anywhere in the world and not only is shipping a costly process in Nigeria, it could also be described as a very tedious process.

On this page today, we are going to show you the estimated cost of shipping from Nigeria to UK (United Kingdom) as well as make a list of various shipping companies in Nigeria

The Easiest Way to Ship from Nigeria to The United Kingdom is to look for a traveler going to the UK and have them deliver whatever package you are sending at an agreed price but this is not a very method.

Lets not forget also that a lot of things could go wrong at the airport after which a package may never get to its destination!

Items You Cannot Ship From Nigeria To UK

As a researcher, i have taken my time to visit the various courier companies here in Nigeria, asking them the goods that are considered safe for shipping as well as those that cannot be shipped to the united Kingdom from Nigeria.

Their response i have compiled below:

The following are goods that are regulated by the Nigerian Customs Service:

  • Body Parts (Human)
  • Life Animals
  • Money
  • Perishable goods (Vegetables, uncooked beef, fresh tomatoes, etc)
  • Explosives
  • Dangerous Goods such as Chemicals, narcotics,

Also note that the size and weight of shipment is always regulated in order not to overload the flight, therefore, the weight and dimension of the package to be shipped usually determines the shipment charges

If you a technician or intending to repair a piece of electronics, make sure you obtain a re-importation certificate from  Nigerian Customs Service as this is the only thing that can make the goods go across the border!

What Is the Cost Of Shipping From Nigeria to UK?

From DHL, i learnt it costs N10,000 to ship a 1.5Kg package

Also, a 5Kg package costs around N26,000

Important documents Like Transcript costs arounf N20,000 when shipped with FedEx, etc

Best Shipping Companies In Nigeria

Aside Nigerian Postal service (NIPOST) which is almost unreliable, there are a good number of courier or shipping companies in Nigeria and these are listed below


This is one of the most popular shipping company In the world. DHL has a lot of arms and could be described as a conglomerate as it offers a lot of services to meet individual needs

Other services by DHL includes: DHL Express, DHL Parcel, DHL Freight, Supply Chain, Global Forwarding, etc

Lets not forget that DHL currently exists in over 200 countries around the globe


UPS is an acronym for United Parcel Service and has been on shipment business for over a cenntury now, just like DHL, UPS has offices in over 200 countries around the world including nigeria


Federal Express which is popularly known as FedEx is known for their ability to show us the realtime location of every package within their care. Aside from realtime tracking, FedEx would be a great option if you ever have an urgent need, such that requires your parcel to get to its final destination as quickly as possible


Established as a courier arm of Nigerian Postal Service, EMS is another courier company that provides excellent transfer of your packages around the world at a very competitive price, they are fast and reliable too!

Steps That Guarantees Safe Shipment

As a shipper, here are a consignee, here are a few things you must do if you are shipping a package from Nigeria to U.K

Gently carry the package to the courier office (DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS)

Pay the Necessary Charges

Receive A Unique Tracking Code

Share Tracking Code with the Receiver

Package Arrives Destination

Receiver gets Notified Via mail, sms, call

Receiver Picks up the package from Delivery man


Why You Should Use Registered Shipment Company

As a registered company, your packages gets a certain amount of insurance which means that a shipper or consignee could claim damages if ever a loss occurs. This is possible because you were given a tracking code,  your package is registered also.


There is no fixed cost of shipping from Nigeria to UK. While it is cheap to ship a package through a friend, it is safest and most convenient to use the services of a registered courier or shipment company. Another reason why using a shipment company is a best option is that your package get