Chronicles Of Sunday Rice

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Back in the days, Mum goes to the market on Friday/Saturday specially for stuffs that would be used to prepare Sunday rice. No, I’m not joking

Now on Sunday early morning, Ada wakes up early to blend fresh pepper and tomatoes with Mortar – A ritual that shows Sunday rice will be ready soon

You see, as kids, while we play with peers, we often use the “if you nor play with me, you nor go chop our Sunday rice” and it often sounded well since the one its directed at will often bend down and play with bus very well.

Now when Sunday rice is on fire, mommy always walks in and out of the kitchen ensuring Ada us doing a great job.

The first sound of Shwaiii from the kitchen often leaves an Orgasmic feeling amongst us the younger ones. At least our tongue will just be reminding us that a good Sunday rice is coming soon

Sunday rice?

Its never ready, till mama has taken a little drop of the stew, drop in her palms. Licks it with a nod to approve the taste. She will also talk about how De Rica tin Tomatoes always gives a red stew.

By the time you see Daddy’s Big bowl gently carried by Mommy, it greets you with some hot steam which often wanders to your nostrils to remind you that its Sunday, to keep you ready for Ada’s call.

Oya, just wait small, Ada soon calls everyone to come for their plate of Sunday rice!

Oh my Sunday rice…

I miss staring at that fried head of fish, as it stands gidigba on top of my bowl of rice reminding you that its been fried by Ada and is ready to leave you wishing for more.

After Sunday rice, everybody hurries his or her way to dress up for Sunday Mass. You don’t joke with this one at all. Do you want mummy and Daddy to disown you?

Well, gone are the days of Sunday rice. All we have now is Sunday Noodles, Sunday Spaghetti which can in no way be compared to Sunday rice!

Funny enough, I’m old, every person my age would still crave for Sunday rice and sometimes we just wish we never had to grow up just cos of course, growing up meant outgrowing Sunday rice

Happy Sunday everyone!

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