Introduction To Canadian Express Entry Program

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Welcome to another wonderful edition on, a place where useful tips relating to scholarships, Jobs and migration is shared for myself and everyone who is out to grab useful and reliable information about these areas and today, I’ll be making a little Introduction to Canadian Express Entry Program.

What Is Canadian Express Entry Program?

Canadian Express Entry Program is One of the most legit ways to relocate to Canada this year 2020. It is a system designed by the Canadian Government with the sole aim of bringing skilled, educated foreigners from all around the globe into Canada.
When these migrants get into Canada, they get jobs in Canada’s juicy labor market, they work and in turn, they pay taxes to Canadian government and that’s how the country grows its economy.

How Does Canadian Express Entry Program Work?

According to my personal experience and that from Friends living here in Canada, the express entry is an entirely electronic process used by the Canadian government to fill labor gaps through some special economic migration programs.
The program was launched January 1 2015 and has continued to bring educated and skilled workers from around the globe into Canada.

Who Can Apply for Canadian Express Entry Program?

In order to be considered eligible to apply, there are a few number of things you must have;
You must be Educated
This means you must have at least had a secondary education and are able to read, speak and write in English or French or both languages
Have Work Experience
No matter where you’re coming from, its is expected that you must have gained some experience in a certain field of endeavor. As time goes on, we’ll make the list of most in demand jobs in Canada today
Have Proof of Funds
This means as an applicant, you must be able to show that you have some funds to help you settle in Canada till you’re able to find a job and start earning as a resident in Canada

What is the Benefit of Canadian Express Entry?

One of the several benefits of the express entry program is that is puts you in such an advantaged position since you’ll be awarded a 2 years permanent Residence permit after which you can apply for Citizenship.

How much Do I need to Apply For Canadian Express Entry?

In order to Apply, you must understand that the system is totally open to anyone who is ready and willing to apply. However, there are some certain things that you may spend money on. Such things as;
  • Educational Credential Assessment ( To convert your current degree to the acceptable equivalent in Canada)
  • You also pay for your application fees on the portal.

When can i start Express Entry Application Process?

If you have all the above, then its time to Apply. In a few days, I’ll create another content showing you exactly the best way to Apply for Canadian Express Entry program all by yourself.
Note: you’re not charged by the admin of this blog. I’m all out to share credible information with you as my fellow Africans and nothing more.

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