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Can a HIV Patients Migrate to Canada?

Can HIV Patient Migrate to Canada

Just in case you have been asking “Can i Migrate to Canada As a HIV Positive individual”?. This today is a post that stands to clarify all your doubts, help you know if truly you are qualified to get a Visa to travel to Canada.

Having chronic diseases or being HIV-positive has made most people lose hope of immigrating to Canada even when they get invitations from spouses and families. HIV-positive people have the chances of immigrating depending on the stage of the illness. nevertheless, there are criteria attached to an HIV-positive patient who wishes to immigrate to Canada, which includes:

Risk to public health: the Canadian embassy shuts its doors to those with chronic diseases that are contagious and can endanger public health. HIV-positive patients in their last stages won’t be permitted or allowed as immigrants. Usually, some medical examination processes are performed to ascertain if one is medically qualified or unqualified.


Canadian immigration won’t hesitate to refuse the application of one whose health status will endanger the public, or be highly demanding on the health service.

When immigrating to Canada as an HIV patient, they are necessary medical exams that you will have to go through. The examination is to know if a person is actually fit to be medically admissible to Canada. If an applicant is having a severe medical or health condition that requires excessive demand on the public health service, they might be denied entry to Canada. 

So the actual answer to the question ” Can HIV patients migrate to Canada?” depends mainly on the immigration type and health condition of the applicants. 

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Steps For HIV Immigration to Canada

Below are the steps involved for HIV-positive applicants who intend to immigrate to Canada.

  1. Post-test counselling by a panel doctor

A panel is kept in charge of the HIV-positive international applicants who want to immigrate to Canada. The panel of doctors will provide post-test counselling to the applicant, brief them on the psychological, social, and medical implications of their health condition. Also, the doctors will ensure that the acknowledgement of the post-test counseling form is duly signed by the international applicant.

  1. Identification of the HIV-positive foreign national

The medical officer responsible will be required to send a written notification to the responsible immigration program manager when an exempted international applicant has a health condition that is harmful to Canada’s public health and safety.


Note that international applicants who are implementing family class methods are aware of their health status and do not require a partner notification process until a file is created for them at the visa office. This implies that such international applicants have already undergone all the necessary counselling. 

  1. Physical  interview with an immigration officer

A physical interview is required, the applicants have to be interviewed by a visa or immigration officer. The applicant must have a good knowledge of their health status. In the process that the immigration officer discovers that the applicants lack sufficient knowledge of their health condition, the interview may be suspended. The immigration officer will then order the applicants to return back to the panel of doctors for more counselling. The applicants will also be required to obtain a new acknowledgement of the HIV post-test counselling form.

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If the interview goes perfectly well, the immigration officer will explain the automatic partner notification policy

  1. Results after 60 days of the interview

The results after the 60 days of the interview could be

  • If the applicant withdraws the application, the immigration officer in charge will process the withdrawal based on normal processes.
  • If the sponsor based in Canada withdraws the application, the immigration officer will decline the application based on standard processes. 
  • If the application is not withdrawn either by the applicant or the sponsor, then the application will be further processed.
  1. Formal notification to the partner

If the application is not withdrawn by the applicant or sponsor, then the immigration officer is required to prepare and send the spouse notification letter to the spouse in Canada. 

Immigrating to Canada as an HIV patient

There are various ways an HIV patient can immigrate to Canada. 

  • They can apply for permanent residency (Application can be rejected if the applicant’s health condition is considered a danger to the public health and if the patient’s health might require too much demand for Canada’s health or social services. 
  • They can apply for temporary residence, or come to Canada using the Canada visitor visa
  • They can apply using the asylum application. 

Conclusion: Can HIV Patient Migrate To Canada?

It is obvious that to be considered eligible to migrate to Canada, a HIV patient needs to run series of medical tests as well as have a one-on-one sitting with a Post-test counsellor who briefly talks on the the sociological, psychological and medical implications of their Health Condition. These and many more are necessary if you must Migrate to Canada as an HIV Patient.

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