how to build facebook chatbot in 10 minutes

how to build facebook chatbot in 10 minutes
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Today I’m going to teach you how to build facebook chatbot in 10 minutes so that you can get targeted traffic and enjoy the sweetness of internet marketing.

I don’t need to tell you the advantages of Facebook chatbot. ever since chatbot was launched, it have helped a lot of internet marketers make millions and you can do the same.

Facebook chatbot is now the trend, it help you get targeted audience and guess what? You will start making sells and you can also use it and drive a lot of traffic your site/blog.

I don’t know what you’re still waiting for before you create your own chatbot. It’s very easy

Well today am going to show you how to create to create your own chatbot in two steps.

What Is Facebook Chatbot

Well am not surprised if you still don’t know what chatbot is all about. Now read very carefully let me explain it for you before i show you how to build facebook chatbot in 10 minutes so that you can take advantage of it like others.

With the word “bot”  you should know what is all about, well facebook is an automatic way of  replying facebook page massages at once. Ymi defined it like this so that it can be easy for you to understand. You can do a lot with facebook chatbot.

1. Automatically reply massage

2. Automatically send massages or broadcast to all your facebook followers and they will receive it immediately as facebook massage.

3. You can use facebook chatbot to market or advertise your products and you could make more sells. Etc

Advantages of Facebook Chatbot

Now you have understand what chatbot is all about now let me show you how to build facebook chatbot in 10 minutes but before that i will  list out some advantages of this awesome facebook chatbot to enable you know reason why every business that operate online or offline need it.

1.  You I’ll Make More sells

If you are a business man/woman and your business is operated online/offline or you’re an internet marketer/blogger then you need chatbot to help you get more audience.

Facebook chatbot will help you get the type of audience you want, the audience that need your products and guess what? You will start making sells.

2. Auto reply massage

This is one of the best advantages of Facebook chatbot, the not will automatically reply anybody that massage the page. You don’t have to bother your self replying it manually because the bot will reply all the massage.

3. Auto send Broadcast

With facebook chatbot, you can automatically send massage to your audience and it will be delivered immediately to them as facebook massage. You can do a lot with facebook chatbot. Without wasting much of your time let me go ahead and show you how to build facebook chatbot in 10 minutes so that you can see everything by your self.

Requirements For Building Facebook Chatbot

Actually thing that is required before creating this awesome facebook chatbot for your business is not too much.

1. Phone/PC

2. Facebook Page

3. Internet connection

This are the most important things needed, let’s proceed to our main topic.

How To Build Facebook Chatbot In 10 Minutes

Now you have gotten some essential information you need to know before setting up your own chatbot, let me keep procrastination one side and show you how to build chat in two steps. Le’s go

Chatbot is exactly like creating site/blog, which means you have many cms or platform to choose from.

If you want to create blog/site you must chose a platform and it could be

1. Blogger

2. WordPress

3. Joomola etc

It’s also like that in creating facebook chatbot, there are many platform you can use and create your own chatbot but among all of them the best platform is chatfuel 

This is the best platform to create your own chatbot, they have many features unlike others.

How to build facebook chatbot in 10 minutes

Now use the below tutorials and learn how to build chatbot using chatfuel

1. Create facebook page

2.  Visit the site

3. Click on get started, after that chatfuel will request for a permission to access your facebook account. You have nothing to fear, just grant them access.

4. After that, you will see the list of all your facebook pages. Click on the page you wants to use and new window will open. When it open just click the connect tab .

5. After that you will be logged in and you will see a welcome message.

Congratulations you have just installed your facebook chatbot.

But you are not done yet, you have to set some default reply from your dashboard so that the bot will work perfectly.


I have shown you how to build facebook chatbot in 10 minutes so what is left for you now is to follow the procedures and build your own chatbot.


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