When IS The Best Time To Post Your Contents On Facebook?

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Since the time of its establishment, Facebook has remained its stand as one of the most effective ways to spread messages about your business and have your contents circulated to your customers as well as your potential customers.

Smart companies and firms looking to grow their customer base have continued to invest a more significant portion of their marketing dollars into expanding their community on a popular social media platform called Facebook.

Just like running a face-to-face business, there are several tricks to trade when running your company’s business page on Facebook. One of these tricks is knowing the best time to post your content on Facebook.


Why Does the Time you Post your content on Facebook matters?


When it comes to making your content go viral to your target audience, posting at the most popular time of the day is a sure way to make a difference in how the viewers see your content. However, the goal you must achieve is to get noticed by the audience as many as possible. Therefore, it matters to post at the right time of the day.

However, finding the right time to post your content on Facebook can boost your business and make your business stand out as you reach more audience.

This matters a lot even as Facebook organic traffic continues to decline day by day. This article seeks to look at the best time to post contents on your company’s Facebook page for engagement, maximum reach, an exposure.
Is there a best time to post on Facebook?

Generally, there isn’t a best single time to post contents on Facebook.
However, numerous studies have made several attempts to uncover the best time to post on Facebook and other social media platforms, but each research has failed to arrive at a universal result.

According to some studies, here are the best times to post on Facebook as a company.

 Thursdays and Fridays from 1-3pm (Hubspot)

 Thursday at 8 pm (TrackMaven)

 Early afternoon on Mondays to Saturdays (Buffer)

 Off-peak times (Buzzmuno)

 1-4 pm during weekdays and on weekends (CoSchedule)

All of the above listed times can just be used as pointers to help you in the right direction. It’s also important to note that every study reveals different data as the ‘best time to post.’

However, the best time to post your contents on Facebook for exposure and maximum reach depends mainly on a varying number of factors and these factors are specific to businesses.

What’s the location of your audience?
What’s your industry?
When can you find your audience online?
Are you sponsoring your contents?

When you have this in mind, it is highly possible that your own best time might be the worst time.
For instance, if a study found the best time at 6 pm on Friday, and every brand scheduled their content and targeted their audience at that particular time, it is possible that few of those post will receive exposure as a result of high competition. This is true when it comes to posting at off-peak times, if all brands result in posting at off-peak times, there will undoubtedly be an increase in competition. So, they should go back to peak times.

There you have it! Some of the things to know about the best time to post on Facebook. Whenever you post on Facebook, primarily, you are competing with an average of 1500 similar posts and the first determinant of the time in which your content appears is the timing.

However, there is no universally a best time to post on Facebook.


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