Best IELTS Practice Tips For Everyone

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On this post, i am going to talk about “the best ielts practice tips for everyone”. I chose this topic because i have seen the rate at which people hastily register and sit for IELTS examinations without first preparing well for it.

First of all i assume you already have a background information about what IELTS is all about. IELTS is an English text by British council for people who are either looking forward to studying in Canada or moving over to settle and work in Canada.

This best ielts practice tips for everyone should be recommended specially for those applying for Canada’s express entry program this year and other years to come. It is free too!

There are several Other countries that makes IELTS a requirement before you can be accepted into the country

How to Pass IELTS Speaking Test

Usually, IELTS speaking test is set on a separate day from every other tests. Its a 15 minutes test which brings you face to face interaction with an interviewer

What is IELTS Speaking test like?

Firstly, i will ask you to be natural. You do not necessarily need to sound like someone who studied in Cambridge in order to pass the speaking test.

Sometimes you may be asked to “Describe your neighborhood as a young Man/Woman”

In such a case, you just need to describe what life was while you grew up!

One more thing, i would like to make it know that IELTS Speaking test is that you won’t score high if you make just a single statement and pause there. They like it when you flow, just like you would when you gist with friends…

How To Pass IELTS Listening Test

Firstly, i would like to make it clear that IELTS Listening test is one of the most important aspect of the whole IELTS thing! I said this because you are required to make at least a 7.5 score in listening test for the result to be considered ok.

Download IELTS Official Practice materials here

In order to make it high in IELTS Listening Test, i recommend you practice how to concentrate before sitting for the exams because unlike writing and reading, listening requires a lot of concentration!

Concentration is the main key to scoring high on IELTS listening test!

The reason as to why IELTS places so much importance on IELTS Listening is what i cannot explain but i can tell you that even a 0.5 score from listening test could be valued at 5 points for other tests!

For IELTS listening test, you are required to listen to a conversation between 2 people and answer questions based on what you heard!

In order to make a good point, something above 7.5 points, i will recommend you GET YOURSELF SOME PAST QUESTIONS AND PRACTICE WITH THEM CONSISTENTLY for several weeks if you have the time and then sit for the exams.

You can get some past questions by going to websites like, Visit these websites and practice with as much questions as you can.

Do not think its something you can practice

There is a section of Listening test called “Map Reading” this requires you know some Geography-class related terminologies, such words as “adjacent, 180 degrees off point x, etc

How to Pass IELTS Reading Test

In IELTS READING test, you are going to encounter 4 different passages. The funny thing about these passages is that the first is usually easier than the second!

While passage A might be a little easy, passage B may be a little harder than passage A

As usual, i recommend you before sitting the exam, attempt as much previous questions as possible in order to be able to score a very good mark in your reading test!

Download IELTS Official Practice materials here

How to Pass IELTS Writing Exams

Generally, IELTS writing test is divided into 2 parts. Do not forget we are still talking about best ielts practice tips for everyone

in IELTS writing examination, the very first part requires you to write at least 150 words while the second part requires at least a 250 words!

IELTS writing exam may not be hard for you if you really find writing as a hobby! You just needs to flow with it and be natural as you would when writing your favorite stories!


“Write an informal letter to a friend you spent the weekend with but forgot your cellphone at his/her place, write to let her know the right address to send the forgotten cellphone to”


Dear Lisa

Thank you for accommodating me during my last visit, i really appreciate it. My regard to your family for the warm welcome they extended to me during the time

While Visiting, i think i might have forgotten my cellphone. Kindly help me send it as i will need it for my trip to Dubai which takes off in 2 days!

I really appreciate your care towards me while i stayed at your place.

Apologies for the inconveniences this may bring you.

Yours Faithfully

Jonathan Angie


The second part of the IELTS reading examination comes in the form of an argument or Essay writing.

You will be asked to write based on a prescribed topic

If you are asked to compare a particular thing, ensure you write an essay with your points balanced!

One thing about IELTS is that they love recycling questions and so i suggest you make friends with IELTS Past questions.

One thing you can do after your exams is to review what you have written. This is of course if you still have time.

Additional Tips

Practice IELTS past questions

always use the following keyword on gogogle
“Ielts writing tests sample”

Download IELTS Official Practice materials here

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