6 Things Dubai Visa Agents Won’t Tell You About UAE

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On this Article I’m going to Write A Few Things Dubai Visa Agents won’t tell you about UAE before you leave your country. I feel its important for everyone to know what is obtainable in your new destination before you leave your comfort zone.

I’m doing this because I learnt the hard way, so I wouldn’t want any other African to go through same stress.

6 Things Dubai Visa Agents Won’t Tell You About UAE

Here is a list of 6 Things Dubai Visa Agents Won’t Tell You About UAE

1. Accommodation

Unless you’re travelling with a lot of cash to throw around, accommodation in the UAE is very expensive, you’ll spend up to $950 for a room in the UAE. That is if you really care so much about privacy though, else, bedspace is about $140/Month.

2. Getting A Job

Getting a Job in the UAE isn’t easy, but I know some Dubai Visa Agents would tell you its all easy just to be able to take some cash from you.
But it really isn’t easy.
Unless you are on a direct employment Visa from a company that really needs your services, you won’t find it easy getting a job here in the UAE

3. Lifestyle

The moment you get into the UAE, a part of your former life is done away with. I’m saying this because there are a lot of things you can’t do here.
For instance, in the UAE, taking Alcoholic drinks is a crime especially when you do it in an Unauthorized bar or buy from the streets.
You could be jailed for this
Also, holding hands with your Girlfriend or any person of the opposite sex isn’t allowed.

4. bedspace

Beds space is something that is common in United Arab Emirates but you see, most Dubai Visa Agents don’t know this.
If you’re going to the UAE to search for a job, I wish to let you know that you’re going to have to learn to trade your privacy for a sleeping space.
Its nothing bad though but I know a lot of people have this great value for their privacy. So its all about Bedspace
Bed space simply means you may have to share a room, same bathroom and toilet with over 10 persons
How Much is a Bed Space in the UAE?
In the UAE, a Bed space costs about 140$/Month

5. Scams

There are a lot of Scams in the United Arab Emirates. Scam is one crime that is currently eating into the heart of United Arab Emirates and truth is that its a crime committed by foreigners from Pakistan, Nigeria, India,  Philippines, etc.

6. You’ll Pay to Have A Job

In the United Arab Emirates, unless you are coming with employment Visa as I mentioned in (1) above, be ready to spend some cash in order to get a job.
This however isn’t the case with citizens of other countries. The truth is that Africans find it hard getting a job on their own here in the UAE.
This is because Africans that lived here before now have really taught some employers unforgettable lessons. I’ll discuss more on this.
Therefore if you are coming to the UAE without a stable employment Arrangement, ensure you have some extra cash with which you’ll pay consultants to get a job for you.
On other posts, I’ll make a list of reliable Job agents in the UAE
Well, these are 6 Things Dubai Visa Agents Won’t Tell You About UAE

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