5 Reasons Why People Study in Ireland

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This is another powerful post on 5 reasons why people study in Ireland. This is a very important post for you if you are having a hard time deciding whether or not studying in Ireland is a good option or not.

For a start, i would like to tell us that Ireland is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe and has kept its reputation as one of the best destinations for international students looking for a place to study and live in peace.

On this post, you will learn why it is only right for you to make Ireland a study destination. Stay with me dear!

Why Make Ireland A Preferred study Location?

After a series of surveys, and personal interest, i realized that there are a great number of things that makes Ireland the best place to study, these include:

1. There are a a lot of Part time Jobs for Students Studying in Ireland.

As a student, there is always the need to make some extra cash which could be spent on one thing or the other. Taking myself for instance, i hate calling home for every dime i need to live my life.

Being that kind of person, i would want to study in an country where i will be able to hustle some extra cash without putting the burden on someone out there.

Ireland Study Visa is such that allows you as a student do some part time job which in turn earns you some extra cash

2. Scholarships are Everywhere

Another reason why Ireland would be my best study destination is because there are several Scholarships/study aids available in Ireland.

Some examples of these Scholarships in Ireland includes:

Trinity College Dublin which offers Study aid of over 5000 Euros

NCI Gateway which offers some 2000 Euros worth of study aid

there is also the UCD Which provides some 50% discounts on your tuition fees

3. Post Study Visa

In Ireland, international students are often allowed the post-study Visa. The post-study Visa makes it possible for students to be able search for jobs after graduation. When a job is found, the students is also allowed to work and considered eligible for Work Permit

4. English Language

In Ireland, there are about 36% of citizens that speak the Gaelic Language. This means there are a greater number of English speakers in the country which automatically means most of the course you’re going to study in Ireland will be delivered in English language Only.

5. Ireland Is Home to Big International Businesses

This is another of the 5 reasons why people study in Ireland. It is the dream of every student to be able to find employment in one of the big organizations around.

Since Ireland is home to some of the big Multinationals around the world, studying in the country will therefore going to be one of the greatest privileges as graduates can always find it easy with landing a good job.

These are top 5 reasons why People study in Ireland, it is therefore no doubt that a lot of people will always prefer Ireland to any other country in the world

Why People Study In Ireland

Now you have a little idea on the several reasons why people study in Ireland, not wait to be told!

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