5 Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

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On this new post, i want to make a list of top 5 highest paying jobs in Canada. I Chose this topic because i know there are a lot of researchers, readers out there that would like to know the highest paying Jobs in Canada.

Well, below is a list of top 5 Highest paying jobs in Canada and the aim is to help you know these jobs, know which to choose if ever you intend to move to and work in Canada.

List Of Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

Utility Manager

As a Utility manager, you are charged with taking care of facilities, plants as well as distribution systems that takes power from the higher to the final users

Salary Of Utility Manager In Canada

A Utility Manager in Canada earns as much as $114,000 and this depends on the kind of facility you manage

Getting a job as a utility manager requires that you have a Bachelors degree or Diploma in the corresponding Field.

2. Pharmacist

In Canada, another high paying job you can have is that of a Pharmacist. As a pharmacist in Canada, your duty will be filling Doctor’s report, it involves managing inventory, ability to update medical records is also necessary as well as giving needed advice to customers.

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Salary Of A Pharmacist In Canada

If you have a pharmacist living and working in Canada, be rest assured that he makes nothing less than $104,000.

Qualifying for the post of a Pharmacist requires that you have a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacology as well as be a registered pharmacist in your province.

3 Business Executive

As a Business Executive, your role is quite a high level one and in one of the high level companies in Canada. Your task involves making decisions about the organization as well as allocating available resources.

Salary Of Business Executive In Canada

In Canada, the salary of a business executive ranges from $106,000 and above depending on the organization where you find yourself

4. Health Care Manager

As a health care manager, you are to oversee the delivery of health care related services in Hospitals, nursing homes, Health centers, clinics, etc. You are also going to be responsible for proper supervision of professionals under you, you will hire and fire when the need arises

Salary of a Health Care Manager In Canada

As a health care manager in Canada, you occupy one of highest paying positions in Canadian labor market and so your salary would be nothing less than $95,000 and this greatly depends on the health care facility you find yourself.

5 Veterinarian

As a Veterinary doctor living and working in Canada, your job involves provision of Medical care for animals. This means even when people’s dog gets flu, you are to ensure the flu goes. Lol

Lets see your salary structure as a Veterinary doctor living and working in Canada.

A Veterinary Doctor receives as much as $94,000 as his annual salary in Canada

And that is how we close this segment for now, we will make a list of other profession in Canada and how much those employed in such areas earn on a yearly basis!

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